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Van Bramer Gives Koch Bridge the Thumbs Down

Photo: Office for Jimmy Van Bramer

March 21, 2011 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer is opposed to renaming the Queensboro Bridge after Ed Koch.

In a letter circulated today, Van Bramer said he would vote against the proposal this week and said “there is no compelling reason to change it.”

The letter comes just days after the Queens Tribune wrote a story about the renaming of the bridge and listed those council members in favor or opposed to the controversial name change.

After polling all 15 members who represent the borough within the Council, the Queens Tribune discovered that less than half of the delegation actively supported renaming the bridge.

In all, six Council members said they would vote in favor of renaming the bridge, six were undecided on the matter (including Van Bramer) and just three held firm stances against the plan.

Despite Van Bramer’s opposition, the city council is still likely to approve the renaming.

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If there is any name change, make it the “Taxpayer Bridge” in honor of the people who keep this city afloat, not after another egomaniacal politician.


I strongly support van bramer’s stand and his reason to keep the bridge name intact. Nothing against ed koch–I am fond of him. However, as bob singleton from the astoria historical society has said, that bridge really was almost solely responsible for “creating” queens as we know it. once built, queens was populated more and began to flourish. And as the brooklyn bridge is called brooklyn, our bridge should be called queens, not one person’s name. and not the 59th street bridge either!


I agree with Sunny Blue we donot have monye for teachers and police but we always seem to find money for other things. who is keeping tract of our city money. Maybe we should all put in for a raise since the city lookis like they are giving money away

Sunny Blue

Who’s going to pay for all the signage changes? Ed Koch? I’d rather name a bagel after him or a pothole.


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