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Van Bramer Endorses Warren for Democratic Nomination


Sept. 12, 2019 By Shane O’Brien

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer has endorsed Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

Van Bramer made the announcement on Twitter Thursday and called Warren a “true progressive champion.”

The councilman said that he endorsed Warren because she has a real plan to tackle problems facing America. He said that she had an unshakable commitment to the people of America and not to big corporations.

Warren has said that tackling corruption in Washington will be her main priority if she gets elected. She also pledged to expand social security benefits, introduce gun control legislation and guarantee vital resources for the Native American community.

Van Bramer said that Warren will put American families first and said that the country needs her to be president. He said that Warren will fight for workers, combat climate change and make America a more fair and just country.

“The next president of the United States needs to fight for families like mine, and lead us toward an economic future that puts people first,” Van Bramer wrote. “That’s my life’s work and Elizabeth Warren’s as well, and that’s why I’m unbelievably proud to support her for president.”

Warren most recently polled third behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders among Democratic candidates in a poll taken by market research company Morning Consult. The company has been conducting weekly polls since February based on the response of more than 5,000 people.

Support for Warren has gradually increased over the summer, according to the polls. She received 16 percent of votes in the latest poll taken on Sept. 8, up from 9 percent when the polls began on Feb. 3.

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Gardens Watcher

Why endorse now?Could it have anything to do with the diss-off letter from new co-Chair of the DSA (as reported in the Daily News)?

Hillary looks better

this is a lamest group of candidates I have ever seen, really pathetic, Can you imagine any one of them standing toe to toe w Trump? 320 million people in the country and all we could find is this sad lot of losers.

Tugboat Sam

Great decision. Warren is by far the best choice from the Dems. Biden is too old and too gaff prone. Note to Bernie: Staten Island is not Sweden. And let’s net even think about Bill de B’s clown car candidacy.

LIC Direct

JVB has Bad Juju!!! Anyone this creep endorses ends up in the toilet and on the losing end. A Three vote endorsement is all he will provide:
Jimmy’s, his husband and his errand boy Medrano. Everyone I know in my neighborhood simply detest this guy and have vowed never to vote for him again.


Wow she must be so relieved. I can’t imagine the anxiety she experienced while wondering if she’d secure his influential endorsement.

They should roll Hillary out again

man, that high screechy voice, like my grandmothers scolding me!
this woman who pretended for many years to be a Native American is a joke. Is this the best the Democrats have? LOL

Remember when Trump pretended he'd "Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton?"

Trump lovers are so gullible. You’re upset that Trump lied about stubbing his toe in order to dodge the draft right?


A joke have you seen Donald Trump who can’t name a bible verse ( likes Old Testament & New Testament equally), pays off hookers, claims he’s Swedish,convicted of fraud for his Trump University scam, hilariously publicly humiliates former staff members, draft dodger, took medical coverage away from his ailing nephew, demand people at National Weather Service (NOAA) be fired for correcting his mistake and warning Alabama residents accordingly, a businessman who has set actual records in bankruptcies and so on. But she’s the joke.

Harvey milk

Ah yes a woman who gets paid a fortune on how to become a professional freeloader. Bernie move over. Elizabeth tall chief is here.


Van Bramer, who had endorsed Cynthia Nixon, now endorses Warren, the fake Native American. They can drink the fire water together.

ANOTHER racist Trump lover?!

Old Lily you don’t need to post on this article multiple times. We know you’re mad but…


This is a very bad choice. The only reason all the political and media class have coalesced around Warren is that Harris and Biden are incompetent and they are desperate to stop Bernie. Ask yourself why all the most powerful people in the country are willing to back transparently weak candidates who will obviously lose to Trump in order to try to stop the most popular American politician alive. Bernie is the best candidate for the 99%!

Warren - Save Yourself!

JVB thinks this will help Warren get elected. @ewarren save yourself; do not to accept the endorsement!


Why do you think this? And why do you think she should listen to you? Can you explain this without citing an irrational hatred towards bike lanes? Seriously, enough of this already.

Left wing racism

“guarantee vital resources for the Native American community”….there goes Pocahontas favoring her own kind over Europeans…Her proud racism is just awful….although if she promises me a free house, healthcare and transportation…(plus a refund of my college tuition) I will certainly vote for her….Social Justice!!!

The Trump lover using racist slurs is pretending to care about racism?

You don’t support Trump’s racist birther movement or the murderous white power Trump rally in Charlottesville right? lmao

JM Maspeth

Only a bitter and twisted mind could translate addressing the well-documented problems on reservations into anti-white racism.


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