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Van Bramer calls for traffic light at intersection by Thomas Noonan playground, DOT says the spot does not need one

Intersection at 42nd Street and 47th Avenue (Google)

Oct. 13, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer is calling on the Department of Transportation to install a traffic light at a Sunnyside intersection that residents say is hazardous.

Van Bramer made the announcement at a press conference yesterday right at the intersection of 42nd Street and 47th Ave, across from the Thomas P Noonan playground, where he was joined with students and faculty from the nearby P.S. 343.

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer at a press conference on the corner of 42nd Street and 47th Avenue

“For years, the traffic at this intersection has endangered the safety of countless students, parents, and other members of the Sunnyside community,” Van Bramer said in a statement.

The council member said his office has received countless requests from area residents about the intersection and its dangers. Currently, the intersection only has a stop sign at 42nd Street, with drivers regularly pull up just past it, due to parked cars blocking the way and a stop line set far back from the intersection, to check for cars traveling in both directions on 47th Avenue.

Van Bramer said the crossing is used daily by elementary school students attending P.S. 343 a block away, and by children and families going into Thomas Noonan Playground.

“We must act before a child loses their life,” Van Bramer said. “We can avoid crashes here and must act now.”

According to DOT data on traffic safety since 2009, the intersection has seen two pedestrian injuries—one in 2009 and another in 2013. No vehicular crashes or deaths have been reported at the intersection.

A spokesperson for the DOT said the intersection has been studied several times, with the most recent study done in June. None of the inspections met the qualifications to warrant a traffic signal, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that enhancements, like signing and markings, have been added in the past two years, and that the agency is looking into alternative safety improvements for the intersection.

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The corner including the handball courts is a market place for drug dealers and their customers 24/7. Perhaps putting a traffic light at the intersection will scare some away.


“No deaths reported at this intersection”? Do we really have to wait for someone to die instead of preventing injuries or accidents? What’s the matter with dot?

Toyota Prius SF Mobile

Need an extra traffic light on each block in Sunnyside. That would slow down all these dangerous Snowflake drivers on their way to Starbucks in Non-American Toyota Prius, Subarus and Volvo Snowflakemobiles

Oran Juice Jones Running against JVB

I agree, these Snowflakes never buy American. They have no skin in the game. They’re living in Sunnyside on their mommy and daddy’s dole. Take away their laptops, Starbucks Lattes and Organic Gluten free food and they’ll fold like cheap suitcase.


Glad to see JVB is back from his second honeymoon in Puerto Rico and focusing some attention on the neighborhood…Got to RESIST that NASTY Diblasio and his fellow communist Melissa Mark Vivertos!


What are the DOT’s criteria for traffic lights,etc? Maybe their whole process needs to be looked at. What was an acceptable standard in the past may not be now. There are more people, cars,bicycles,etc. Too bad citizens and politicians alike have to pull teeth to get anything done as far as traffic safety.. It shouldnt be this difficult.


Couldn’t agree more with jvb. This is such a dangerous intersection. I take my daughter to the park every day there and it’s horrible crossing there. It’s always so dangerous for cars coming out onto the intersection. Needs a light!!!!


Pull your head out of your ass and look where you’re going. If you don’t the traffic light won’t help.


What is needed is a delay turn signal on 39th street and queensblvd….when the pedestrian has the walk signal to walk the cars especially the ones coming up from skillman turning on queens Blvd they just think they have the right of way and turn….so the pedestrian has to look out for turning cars coming from 47ave into queens Blvd and cars coming from skillman turning into queens blvd….very dangerous


well well well JVB can’t get his way this time there are alot more areas that need lights not only in sunnyside but woodside also


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