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Van Bramer and Justice Democrats-backed Activist Rana Abdelhamid Cross Endorse

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and Rana Abdelhamid visiting small businesses in Long Island City Saturday (Photo: Courtesy of Van Bramer for Queens)

May 6, 2021 By Ryan Songalia

A well-known Queens progressive and an up-and-coming name in left-wing political circles announced that they have cross endorsed one another as they both seek to topple incumbents in upcoming primaries.

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and Rana Abdelhamid, from Astoria, announced today that they are backing one another in their respective bids for office. Van Bramer is running in the Democratic primary to be the next Queens Borough President, while Abdelhamid aims to represent New York’s 12th congressional district— which covers Western Queens, North Brooklyn and the East Side of Manhattan.

The two have made the announcement just days after going on a walking tour together in Long Island City to visit small businesses.

Abdelhamid, an activist who is backed by the influential progressive group Justice Democrats, is running to unseat long-time congresswoman Carolyn Maloney next year. The 27-year-old is a marketing executive for Google’s Women Techmakers program and is also on the board of Amnesty International.

Van Bramer says she would be a “champion for progressive values in Washington” if elected.

“The district has become more diverse while increasingly inequitable, and Rana has the vision to make sure Western Queens, Manhattan’s East Side, and North Brooklyn is a place for working families, not just Wall Street and the well-connected,” said Van Bramer, who represents the 26th council district.

“She is a fighter and willing to throw down on housing, economic, environmental, and racial justice on a local and federal level, and together we can make this city a place that works for everyone,” said Van Bramer, whose made reference to her martial arts background.

Abdelhamid holds a black belt in Shotokan karate and launched a self defense group for women.

Meanwhile, Abdelhamid cites Van Bramer’s opposition to Amazon’s planned headquarters in Queens as part of her reason for backing him in the Queens Borough President race. The position is currently held by Donovan Richards, who is seeking reelection.

“Jimmy Van Bramer is the progressive champion we need to fight for the recovery we deserve,” Abdelhamid said.

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and Rana Abdelhamid in Sunnyside

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Gardens Watcher

Carolyn Maloney deserves to be re-elected. Hope her district lines expand to include more of Queens next year.

Concerned Citizen

I would never elect an “activist” for any position in office. We need someone to fight for “all” people…Her activist status gives her tunnel vision where she can only push her agenda and not take any other view point into account.

Astoria is a "moslem" country?

I’m sure he does. Does that have anything to do with this article?

LIC Direct

Jimmy a Progressive Champion? Since when? Since Joe Crowley lost his election? Since when AOC came out of nowhere to knock Crowley off his pedestal? Look here JVB is a professional politician, he lost all credibility amongst his base and throughout the neighborhood. Being an old gay white guy carries no political weight anymore, stop faking being a progressive, you were never a progressive until Joe lost and AOC won, then you switched sides, you grew up as part of the Qns political machinery propped up supported by Qns power brokers and you were against Amazon coming to LIC, shutting out opportunities for Brown and Black people, thousands of jobs. JVB can’t show his face in NYCHA projects in his district. He’s persona non grata down here. You want to be elected don’t accept his endorsement. JVB You’re a true progressive we ask where do you stand on the Israeli/Palestian issue? We know where Rana Abdelhamid stands. JVB where do you stand on the Israeli/Palestinian issue going on right now bombing of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, how will the Progressive JVB answer this question. He’s a phony.


Many of these local, state and national candidates and leaders become household names in their county of origin. Thus others begin to see that there are places in the world where you can make it and where people are more tolerate of each other. That is why there are so many people trying to get into Europe and North America. I have so many contacts on social media that know of all these candidates by name and are eager to come and live in western countries like the USA.

Rana Abdelhamid grew up in NY

Do you think that NY is a “moslem” country because of her name? Not a very stable genius were dealing with here I’m guessing.

From what I observe

Thetes no such thing as Justice Democrats.

Most seem like they want to make trouble.


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