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Unforgettable for Sunnyside

May 20, 2011 Staff Report

Many Sunnyside Gardens residents complained when CBS filmed several scenes for its pilot TV series “The Remembers” in late March. At the time, there were several days when residents struggled to find parking.

In any event, The Rememberers has been renamed “The Unforgettable” and will be released this fall. The following contains a few scenes from Sunnyside– though not many.

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Would be curious to hear from local merchants if the large cast and crew spent money locally while here… while parking can be an inconvenience it can often be good for local merchants…not to mention tax revenue for the city…

Mike Novak

Days of inconvenience for a few seconds of “on-air” footage?

Please let them shoot elsewhere.

Kate Anne

Bliss alley scenes at 1:13 and 1:44 and 2:07 and at the very end 2:47. Fun to see and the story line is different. There are folks who can relive everything — actress Marilu Henner is one — 60 Minutes did a segment on such people. Fascinating. The clips look good — let’s hope the show pans out. Nice to see real QUEENS scenes featured, not just Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights.


Debbie, thanks for the info about The Good Wife. It’s my favorite show right now and I’d love it to shoot in Sunnyside. They were shooting at La Guardia Community College earlier this spring.


It is cool to see parts of Sunnyside in the different TV shows and movies, like the first Spiderman. However…as a born & raised Sunnyside native, I feel like it’s a nuisance to people who have to constantly move and park their car. I am lucky that I have a parking space across the street from our apartment building. Apparently The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies is up next for Sunnyside. They were already scouting my block!


Since I am a life long Queensite I am looking forward to this show.
…Sounds like it will be a good show.


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