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Ulrich Introduces Resolution Calling for De Blasio’s Ousting

Mayor Bill DeBlasio Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

June 18, 2020 By Christian Murray

Two resolutions were introduced before the city council Thursday calling for the governor to remove Mayor Bill de Blasio from office.

Council Member Eric Ulrich, a Queens Republican, introduced a resolution seeking the mayor’s ouster for allegedly not keeping the city safe during recent protests.

Meanwhile, Carlos Menchaca, a Brooklyn progressive, introduced a similar no-confidence resolution but on far different grounds. He alleges that the mayor failed to hold the police accountable for acts of brutality.

The legislation introduced by the council members are resolutions—as opposed to bills—and merely call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to act. The governor can remove the mayor for failing to protect the public in accordance with section 33 of the Public Officers Law and Section 9 of the charter.

In the unlikely event that Cuomo removes the mayor, Jumaane Williams, the public advocate, would become the interim mayor for the remainder of de Blasio’s term.

Ulrich is calling for the mayor’s removal for failing to keep New Yorkers safe.

“Mayor de Blasio has not effectively maintained public order during this period of social unrest,” the resolution reads, adding that it has resulted in “the looting and destruction of businesses large and small and chaos on the streets for many days.”

Ulrich said that the mayor has shown a further lack of judgment in his recent decision to cut the budget of the NYPD. He said that it could lead to the further erosion of public order.

Menchaca’s resolution, however, argues that de Basio has failed to hold law enforcement officials accountable after multiple incidents of police brutality—including many documented incidents against peaceful protesters in recent weeks. He says that the mayor has failed to protect the public from police abuses.

“Mayor de Blasio failed to immediately and unequivocally acknowledge and condemn the use of unnecessary aggression and violence against peaceful protesters, instead consistently praising the performance of the NYPD overall,” Menchaca’s resolution reads.

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Considering covid 19, the lock down, the protests, riots, and the looting the mayor did the best that he could. IMO, he did a fine job.

This guitar kills fascists

No he didn’t. His own daughter was arrested for throwing objects. He’s not as bad as some Mayors that allowed their cities to be looted and destroyed. How would you feel if your business was destroyed by looters? Taxpayers will pick up the tab as usual.

That is completely false

The police report said she didn’t throw rocks.

Then they released her phone number, address and all other personal info.

She was the only protestor that happened to…what a coincidence!

Why was Trump too weak to send in the military?

De Blas can’t send in the National Guard but the President can. Why didn’t he help the city that was hit the hardest?


The real mayor is shirlane McCray deblasio wife
She is more radical than he is
Deblasio is clueless
He should resign


What a waste of time. People are jobless and can not pay bills. Focus on getting things done and not things that will never happen just to get your name in the press.

Orwell was an optimist

He and his wife should be prosecuted for stealing 1.2 billion from city taxpayers.


You guys think any one of these care about people? It’s all politics they all care about themselves. What a stunt.

El loco

DeBlasio is the worst ever. The only thing liberals and conservatives agree on is that he is terrible!

Gardens Watcher

Agreed, except it’s not the only thing we all agree on.

Williams is a passionate advocate, but is not capable of running the city, or restoring public order.


I’m not convinced that Williams is capable of dressing himself. His speeches make Trump sound eloquent.


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