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Ugly Graffiti About to be Wiped Clean

Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 2, 2010 By Christian Murray

The graffiti that is scrawled high up on top of Sunnyside’s buildings– visible to all subway commuters– is about to be scrubbed clean.

The cleanup is the result of a series of  “vision” meetings led by Community Board 2 Chairman Joe Conley and local businessman Ciaran Staunton–with members of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and Sunnyside Shines. The group’s aim is to increase the appeal of the neighborhood.

The graffiti cleaners are expected to start the $7,700 project in the next few weeks, according to James Bray, the executive director of Sunnyside Shines.

Key Food on 46th Street is donating $2,000 toward the project, while Sunnyside Shines is kicking in the rest.

Sunnyside Shines is hiring CitySolve  to do the job. As part of the contract, CitySolve will clean the graffiti high up on the buildings on a one-time basis.

However, CitySolve will clean the buildings (street poles, etc.) on the ground level throughout the business improvement district on an ongoing basis for 12 months. The business improvement district covers Queens Blvd (bet. 38th and 48th Streets) and Greenpoint Ave (bet. 42nd to 48th Streets).

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Graff King

Tagging might be bad ,but pay have a registered sex offender to clean it up? Is this part of his probation or community service?


youre missing the point. how bout putting a few cops on foot patrol and getting to the root of the problem? the precinct does so little to stop grafitti. case and point: the endless BAM tags that pop up nightly all over our nabe.

this is complete waste of money. it’s not solving a problem…it’s putting a bandaid on it that will last less than 14 days and cost a reasonable enough amount of money that it should be better thought through.

Anton LaVey

So, “nobody”, by your logic no one should ever paint over any graffiti since there’s the possibility the site will get graffitied again?

Shall we presume that you apply that same rationale where your personal hygiene is concerned? “It’ll only get dirty again, so why bother cleaning it?”


Tne building in the photo is on 42nd Street and is finally being rehabilitated after a terrible fire that caused the eviction of all tenants. I guess that the owner finally collected on its fire insurance. I wonder if any of the ex-tenants will be returning?


I detest graffiti but it is more embarassing telling friends and relatives who come to visit us that they must be careful walking on the sidewalks and check your shoes often because too many dog owners are inconsiderate slobs in Sunnyside. You can bet they walk their dogs well away from their front doors.

Time Flies

“Ugly graffiti” – as if there is any other kind.

It’s fine to clean up the mess but what’s being done to lock up the vandals?


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