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Two Sunnyside Restaurants Open Next Week

The Romanian Garden opens next week (Photo: QueensPost)

Oct. 10, 2011 By Christian Murray

Two restaurants are scheduled to open next.

The Romanian Garden, a bustling ethnic restaurant currently located at 46-04 Skillman Ave., is expected to shut down its Skillman Ave. location and reopen at a new site next week, according to Sorin Bodnariu, the owner.

The restaurant is relocating to 43-06 43rd Ave., which used to be operated by of ALJ Super Market until it closed in July 2010. Bodnariu said that the restaurant is moving from its Skillman Ave. location because of a rent hike. He said the rent was about to be doubled—to almost $10,000 per month.

Meanwhile, Bliss 46th Bistro, a new French restaurant, is expected to open next week at 43-46 46th Street. According to owner/chef Esteban Rojas, the menu will include classics such as escargots à l’ail, gratinée French onion soup, and coq au vin.

The restaurant will be located at the now-defunct “Victoria’s 11 Pizzeria.”  Hours for Bliss 46 Bistro are expected to be from 4 p.m. through 11 p.m., seven days a week, with Saturday and Sunday hours for brunch.

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I can’t believe the menu at Bliss. First the name is not original at all but the menu is almost an exact copy of the old Bliss on Skillman. I am a major foodie but I don’t know why the are doing escargot and lobster ravioli in sunnyside. Its going to be frozen store bought ravoli. Why not focus on a few really good things and do it well like steak frites and drop the escargot and coq au vin. This neighborhood is not going to go for that.

45th and Skillman

Coming soon to 43rd Ave: throngs of chubby guys in track suits standing around and smoking.


Ditto the awning comments. Many years ago we had a french restaurant on the south side of Queens Boulevard between 45 and 46 streets. It was called Les Halles and the storefront resembled an attractive provincial cottage. Bliss Bistro 46 has none of that charm unfortunately. I hope I am wrong, the food makes up for the lack of ambiance and I hope that it does well.

Souk el Shater is wonderful and they are so glad to greet you and offer suggestions about your order. It is a welcoming experience, the food is good and the prices are very fair.


btw, has any one been to the new Souk el Shater yet? I went for the first time on Saturday and it was UNBELIEVABLY good. I had the steak schwarma, and my husband the chicken. It was some of the best middle eastern food I’ve had!


Good luck to all the new businesses!

I can’t believe $10k/mo on Skillman is the asking price! I know their space is large, but that price is ridiculous. Unfortunately, Skillman will be a ghost town with these crazy rent hikes.


funny, i thought the same exact thing about the awning. I hate to nit-pick, but the front of a business, including signage, obviously goes a long way towards creating an impression for passersby.


@Lucky Lu: Agreed. That signage is awful and totally incongruous with what he’s saying the restaurant will be.

I don’t even go to Salt & Fat but I’d love to see more nice-looking signage like they have there.

Lucky Lu

That awning was a bad first mistake. It doesn’t scream “homey, neighborhood French bistro,” but rather “neighborhood greasy spoon serving meals whose ingrediants mostly come out of a can.” Appearance speaks volumes when it comes to the restaurant industry.


Great job of resporting by this sunnyside post. I guess the whole town has been waiting for Romo to reopen and is excited to spend their money there.

That new french restaruant is open on a dead street. So we need to jazz it up and talk to up so people will know it is there. I know there are other stores on the blocl and across the street but not exciting to see another chinese take out and hair place place a eye guy that is always closed plus the T-mobile on the corner with the pawn shop on the other corner.

I think that the french rest. is going to be at taste of sunnyside so at least we get to taste their food for free before we pay for it if you want to think that way.

Let get excited folks and eat at these new places… SO SUNNYSIDE!!!


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