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Two Northern Italians open ‘Brick-Oven Pizzeria’ on Greenpoint Avenue

olivilla and samone

Salvatore Olivella and Simone Apollonio

Jan. 18, 2015 By Christian Murray

A new pizzeria opened on Greenpoint Avenue Thursday that offers thin-crust stone oven pizzas.

The restaurant, called Nonna Gina Brick Oven Pizzeria is located at 43-24 Greenpoint Avenue, and is owned and operated by two northern Italian natives, who learned to make pizza in their home country.

Salvatore Olivella, who is the chef, makes the pizza Naples style, in accordance with his grandmother Gina’s recipe. The pizzas come in a variety of different toppings.

Olivella, who has worked in Little Italy and other Manhattan locations, makes 18 inch elongated pizzas (called Metro) as well as smaller round personal pies.

The pizzeria is owned by Simone Apollonio, who is from Brescia. He has operated pizzerias from Britain to Australia.

The restaurant also offers a variety of pasta dishes as well as salads.

Hours: 11 am – 11 pm seven days.

Phone number: 718-361-5503 (deliveries to start in next week or two)

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an italian

Reminds me of Italy. Best pizza in Sunnyside by far. The rest is Americanized which is fine, but for Italian pizza, this is it


It would be even better if they had a phone with call-waiting. This is 2014. I am craving their pizza ever since trying a slice at my friend’s house, but how can I satisfy this if the business does not even have the capacity to respond to the phone. Also, the website has no prices for their dishes. Neither is the phone number on there. Some adjustments to these essential things would easily make them a winner in Sunnyside culinary scene.

open your eyes bot

like i say before and will say it again. sunnyside pizza on 40th is better. Northside > Southside


I guess the huge sign from Lenny’s Pizza wasn’t visible from literally across the street! I am sure these guys offer something different, but competition is about to get fierce!


Ordered a slice. The guy on the right in the photo put it in the oven. A minute later he looked at me like he had never seen me before. Then he took a phone call. I waited 5 mins and tried to get his attention as my slice burned. Another guy finally asked if I needed help. He took out the burned slice and tried to pass it off as “crispy.” I asked for a new one that had just come out of the oven. He gave it to me. The dough was nearly raw in the middle. When I left the other guy was still on the phone. Are these guys kidding? Shame because if they just cooked it properly it would me very good.


Hey Me I had a similar experience, perhaps worse. it will take a while for them to work out the kinks. If they read this i’ll remind them that communication is everything in this business.

warren buffet

Why would a guy from Italy operate a bunch of pizzarias from Britian to Australia now settle in Queens NY…. this guy will be gone within a year or the place sold. At Berkshire Hathaway I value COMMITMENT above all else!!! Buy stock in Papa Johns!!

Yours truly, W.B.

official yelp reviewer with superior taste buds

paulie gs Greenpoint – now there some freakin pizza! take the b24 to the end and look for the long line


I’ve tried the pizza and I love it! My favorite is the artichoke & fresh tomato slice. Has anyone tried the pasta? Any reviews on what you tried?


The pizza is pretty good but I’d recommend baking it a bit more as its a little under cooked. The base should be more crunchy, not floppy. If you take it to go it gets very soggy and soft. Otherwise the taste is great and the variety of slices are a welcome change to the neighborhood.


Maybe a bit far for you siuthsiders, but Donatos makes solid pizza. Haven’t tried this new spot, but I will. That said, I’ve had awful pizza in Italy. I’ve got Italian ancestry, but the best pizza is in NYC. Hope these guys are doing it right.

Celtic Bark

Good luck ragazzi!

This stretch of GP Ave really needs a quality pizza place with friendly service.


Has it been mentioned that the Key Foods supermarket on the corner of QB at 46th Street recently opened a Fresh Pizza section next to the deli department?
Pies are baked on the premises and sold whole and/or by the slice. Has anyone tried them?


I tried it. It’s ok…not horrible but not pizza I would get again. I haven’t tried their pasta but they often have samples of both the pizza and pasta available.

so im a robot, i deserve to be treated the same as you

the yelp effect: with a keyboard everybodys a freakin expert on everything.

thanks for bringing something different to the hood, good luck.

Some guy

I noticed the dough being undercooked also. Not a good sign. That’s a pretty basic part of the process. I hope they fix it because the cheese and sauce were great.


The pizza is amazing…salsicia e mozzarella top thing ,i think it should be more cooked since u get raw dough in the middle..other than that the sauce on it is to die for..price is ok..i would pay more if it woulf be with fresh mozarella


Why would someone dislike an honest review?? Catalin said the pizza is amazing, she/he just made a suggestion to make it better. no need to dislike


I’ve know Simone for quite some time and I have to say he is a amazing chef. Simone is very talented, educated and well rounded with in the Culinary cuisine of fine dining delivering delicious and delightful meals. Looking forward to eating at his his very own lovely establishment. Congratulations!!!

el loco

excellente! Lack of good pizza in this neighborhood. The pizza shop on 40th is so overrated. I got food poisoning from Marabella. Not many robots read the Sunnyside Post. A lot of idiots though.


The pizza looks amazing, just like you would find in Italy. If it tastes half as good as it looks I will be a regular. Can’t wait to try it Best of luck to the new owners!!


About time! There are a number of good restaurants in Sunnyside, but a truly good pizzeria has been sorely missing for some time. I’ll make time to stop by and say hello and welcome them to the neighborhood. Benvenuti a Sunnyside e in bocca al lupo!

Mr. 11104

If the Mexican (or Bolivian?) place next to it can survive so many years, and the bar next to that can survive, I hope this pizza place can also survive, but I think we need an actual Italian restaurant in the neighborhood not another fast food style pizza joint. Most pizza places don’t need too much room to last long.


This looks amazing! I hope to see this establishment become a popular neighborhood staple! Best of luck.


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