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Two Men Stabbed by 51st Street and Skillman Avenue During Early Hours Sunday


July 6, 2020 By Christian Murray

Two men were stabbed in the vicinity of 51st Street and Skillman Avenue in the early hours Sunday morning, according to police.

The victims, both 29, were walking along the street at around 3:30 a.m. when they approached by a group of unknown men, according to police.

The first victim was slashed across the chest with an unknown object and fled the location, while the second victim was stabbed on the left side of the chest. He drove himself to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition.

A police spokesperson was unable to say whether the incident was an unprovoked attack or stemmed from an argument.

Police said that there have been no arrests.

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Sara Ross

Most parks close before 11:00 so why is this one still open and if these people are out at 3:30 a.m., do they sleep until 4:00 p.m? I guess they don’t have any family responsibilities. Maybe those are up to their childrens mommas. The group could have come from Queensbridge too, a neighborhood that since the buildings went up, always had crime. I grew up near there many years ago, so I know for a fact that crime is a way of life, sadly.

These people are surprisingly spry. They're able to take running jumps at the turnstiles without cracking their heads!

You need to stop thinking what fox news tells you to think.

No More Fireworks

I guarantee this was a result of the gathering in Windmueller Park Sat night to Sunday morning. There were will over 100 people there until 3:30 when the crowd thinned a bit. Which is right when this happened right?

No More Fireworks

That is true there were still several people setting off fireworks in the park till very late (or early)- but the crowd did thin a bit at 3:30.

2A always staying

When Covid initially hit I said get a defense mechanism preferable an m4 (Google it). Now do ya see why? Dems aren’t going to protect you… Probably Repubs will come down too heavy handed. It’s up to you to protect you and yours.


Sunnyside/Woodside are no more…dead. I lived there in the 40-50-60’s. Was a little slice of heaven…especially the 50’s. You might find some history on YouTube. The socialists/left-wingers, etc. are now in charge of NYC. The good NYC neighborhoods are no more….or, soon to be. Make plans to get out…ain’t gonna get better. I’ts still America with nice towns/communities and people who behave and love this country. Get some while it’s still here.


Lawlessness has returned to NYC, a return to the rampant criminality of the 1970s and early 1980s. That Sunday morning around 5:30 am I was out walking my dog in Windmuller Park, and the hood rats were still partying and creating a disturbance at the corner of 39th Drive and 52nd Street, and of course there was not a cop in sight. The park itself looked like the aftermath of a war, with garbage and remnants of fireworks strewn all over the park. The fireworks had gone on all night, and there had been fireworks in the park going on for several nights before the Fourth; this should not be allowed to happen.
The people who are doing this are mostly not from the neighborhood. Now that cops are not being proactive because of the racial politics being played out and the ongoing feud between them and DeBlase, the punks and criminals know what they can get away with, and they are taking full advantage of this hands off approach by the cops.
We need to hold our elected representatives and police accountable for this chaos, and we need to not be afraid of calling the police to report this criminality. I understand that the police feel devalued and maligned by what’s going on with the DeBlase administration, but they are still getting paid, and they need to do their job.
If this lawlessness is not addressed swiftly, it will get much worse, and the city will be unlivable again, resulting in another mass flight out of here.


Michael- Yes Devalued ..

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27 Paid vacation days after 5 years of service
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Several institutions offer full or partial scholarships to NYPD members.


Michael, you stated “the people who are doing this are mostly not from the neighborhood.” How do you know they are not from the neighborhood? Did you ask them or are you just showing your racist self?


M- Because they were African American. How many African Americans do you see living around that park?


This is one Woodsider who is not buying that any assertion you don’t like or agree with is racist. From your comment, it is clear to me that you don’t live in the real world, but just wait until you are the victim of one of these hood rats; it may change your opinion of policing and the scum that need to be policed. You are the one who injected race into this discussion. I did not state the race of the revelers. Therefore, you are the prejudiced one because you prejudged my comment, assuming that I was referring to a particular race.

Having being raised in Woodside and still living and raising a family there, I believe I have a pretty accurate view of what goes on and of who lives in Woodside. Also, on that particular morning, the double parked cars outside the park, and the dropping off and picking up of people outside Windmuller park is probably a clue that these punks are not from the neighborhood! I didn’t see any people from the Berkeley complex or the other apartment buildings around the park go to and from the park at daybreak on that morning drinking beer and creating a disturbance.
I welcome any comments from people who live in and know the neighborhood, whether they agree or disagree with what I stated, regarding the increase of criminality in Woodside, and I will not assume, without evidence, that an opinion is based on racism.


I can’t tell if the police are understaffed or have just completely given up on Sunnyside. I mean, between the stabbings, fireworks, and drag racing. Why is there zero police presence in Sunnyside?


Ask Criminal lover Cop Hating

This is our local leader busy helping to keep us all NOT safe


It’s not that I don’t care. Of course I do — I am deeply sorry for every victim of a crime, shooting, stabling, covid 19, looting, vandalism, etc. that is increasing city-wide and I cannot possibly imagine the agony and hurt that they or their loved ones feel. It’s just that I’ve heard this story so many times that I’ve begun to block it out. The sheer frequency of this kind of violence tends to desensitize even the most empathetic among us. When an event like this takes place, we ask ourselves, ‘Right now, am I safe? Are my children safe?’ And if the answer is yes, then we ignore it, or compartmentalize, or get tunnel vision.” All I can do is enjoy the rest of the summer and look forward to getting my nails done this week.

Thirulvilwalamala Ramachandranantham

I have a suspicion it’s the same Bronx man from three stories down, the 7-line subway stabber. He wanted to find out from two 29-year old gentlemen why they’re not home with their wives and kids. Deblasio let him go from jail the moment he arrived there.


I agree. Not that they have a cornerstone of psychos but Bronx seems to have more than their fair share.


Could this be related to the same guy who was already arrested for stabbing two elderly men 🧐


“A police spokesperson was unable to say whether the incident was an unprovoked attack or stemmed from an argument.”
Really? Why not?
We should know if someone was looking for trouble and got it, or who initiated the argument. Were these people at 3 AM minding their own business? People have right to know more details.
Also this is what you get when you cancel stio and frisk.

no one out and about at 3 am on this day

minds their business.

they are out looking for trouble.


No one is horrified anymore!!!! This has become the new norm and while anyone with half a brain understands they need to pack up and get out while they can… Our local leaders have failed us!!!! JIMMY not good man not good

Jimmy you clown of a politican

Jimmy is the local town clown politican who has done nothing for this community. He is by far the worst politican to come out of queens and that saying a lot seeing as how bad #45 is. F*** this guy and his policies he has done absouletly nothing only for the useless bike lanes. His political life is going to be just as short as his height. Oh and for the lady who is responsible for handing out bags of onions at sunnyside community service. I would like to just say thank you, but the job is not done. You have stepped up and have handed out more then just onions. Keep up the good work for now. Sunnyside residents are watching.


If elections were held today he would get reelected. He knows what to do and say to get progressives to the polls. They are the majority that actually take the time to vote.

This is what happens when you all are out setting off fireworks in all hours.

Still banging away at 5:30am Sunday!!! How’s that NYPD refunding going???

4 more years

amazing- not a beep out of the liberal politicians who are in favor of defunding the police & bail reform. Now we can see the results, crime on the increase. AOC and van bramer are more worried that some developer might be allowed to do something awful like develop a site and create jobs. They could not give a damn about the safety of our streets. And this is why Trump will get in again because he addresses the real problems.


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