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Two Men Shot in Long Island City Early Sunday: NYPD

Two men were shot in Long Island City Sunday (Photo: Google Maps)

Sept. 27, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

Two men were shot in Long Island City Sunday near La Guardia Community College.

The victims, aged 26 and 27, were walking near the intersection of 47th Avenue and Van Dam Street at around 6:05 a.m. when they heard gunfire ring out and then suddenly felt pain, according to police.

The pair discovered they had been shot, with the 26-year-old victim hit in the leg while the 27-year-old struck in the arm, police said.

The victims were both transported to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition.

The NYPD is still trying to piece together the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The victims, however, did not provide police with a description of the shooter, or shooters, and were highly uncooperative with investigating police.

Police found four 9 mm shell casings at the scene, the NYPD said.

Video footage posted to Citizen shows an area on the southeastern corner of the intersection blocked off with police tape. La Guardia Community College is situated in the northwestern corner of the intersection.

There have been no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

Man Shot in Leg in Sunnyside @CitizenApp

47th Ave & Van Dam St Sep 25 6:15:54 AM EDT


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Nothing to see here. Keep it moving. Shootings and murders are down in this city. Keep building luxury housing next to public housing.

Agreed, bicycles don't drive themselves

Exactly, we don’t blame the easy availability of bicycles for bad cyclists.

What does making it REALLY easy to get a gun have to do with shootings?

The adult table needs to send the progressive children to bed

Another shooting and more crime. One thing I’ve notice is the crime and violence is getting stranger than the old days. We have more kids Viciously beating elderly people, alot more random assaults and now they brought to NYC the moped/motorbike bandits. Why are we doomed to repeat ourselves? when will we learn that you can not have a health society without safety and law and order it will never work. Vote the people out that want to defund the police cus when you get shoot, stabbed, rape, mugged and assaulted who you gonna call your mommy? your man? we all have seen how that ends.

Any comment from DSA?

I predict more calls for conflict resolution and no jail time from the crazy DSA Council caucus. Their tone deaf ideology helps little and harms many.

Concerned Citizen

This is absurd. We need increased CCTV with state of the art facial recognition AI. We also need to invest in a special forces (above SWAT) police branch deployable by Helicopter air drop.


The facial recognition AI would have picked up vics and their attackers, appear to be birds of a feather.

If you can’t afford to live here then move. No to vouchers!

Who walks around over there at 6:00 AM on a Sunday? Is the prison open? Is the shelter still on night time lockdown at that hour? The schools are all closed at that time.


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