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Two men burglarize two 44th Street apartments, police say

perp [1b]Aug. 8, 2016 Staff Report

The police are looking for two men who allegedly broke into two Sunnyside apartments in the past month.

The first incident took place on Friday, July 15, at 3:20 pm when they entered a 44th Street (by 43rd Avenue) apartment and stole $1,400 in cash and $8,000 in electronics.

On Friday, July 29, at between 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm, the men allegedly entered another apartment on 44 street through the front door by unknown means.  The individuals removed a laptop and six small diamonds, according to police.

One of the suspects has been described as a black man, bald with a beard. He was last seen wearing Nike sneakers, a black T-shirt and olive cargo shorts

The other has been described as being a male with a beard and long dark hair. He was last seen wearing blue Nike sneakers, baseball cap, a black T-shirt and blue denim shorts.

The police have video of the suspects and are asking for anyone with information to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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Jake from Statefarm

Most burglars are the uneducated, selfish, lazy and self-entitled individuals who thinks they are above the law. It is not fair to blame a specific race. A bad person will think and do bad things regardless of their race.

Apartments in Forest Hills have doormans for added security. Why can’t we have that here in Sunnyside??

Spanny luis

Chavez ezz a berry stupi man. Heez maki dee berry stupi talk. I dunt know why heez allowed to entra dis contry. I no like hem,he iz berry stupi, he make dis country get bad,berry bad

Julio Sanchez

#1- assumption andy -how do you know so much about how a robbery is committed,do you have that much experience at it. Maybe you did it. #2-rikki- you must be stirring the pot because nobody could be as stupid as you making comments like that. Not every person in every race is perfect, and not every black person is a thief . Your a clown.#3- the idiot with the user name “me”- pawn shop? You cant be that naive, pawn owners grab the hot stuff for themselves or their families and friends. Dumb, or you watch too many 1990s law and order episodes


If the Cops do not know that punk by now then when will they, Not that Scumbags first day at the rodeo.


the usual suspects, and they wonder why we watch them so closely….not many of them in sunnyside…. but gentrification means rich people so they start showing up to git deer moneee


Can you not with the racism? I’m a black resident in Sunnyside and I don’t appreciate the comments. Burglary isn’t limited to one race and I can tell you plenty of anecdotes of white, non-black burglars.


well show me where the Lithuanians the Romanians the Greeks the Irish the Russians the Chinese the Koreans, the Indians the Vietnamese or even some African tribe member continually breaking into homes, business, assaulting with guns people on the streets….

you can’t because it is almost always American black males.


The last 3 burglaries / attempted burglaries in my apartment building were committed by perpetrators who were hispanic. The burglar in my Mother’s apartment building, who also accosted the woman, was a black guy with dread locks. Yes, burglars come in a rainbow of ethnicities. When was it that the last burglar was caucasian?


Come to my bldg on 49th St & 43rd Ave and we have pictures of 2 irish guys w/track marks on arms who robbed several apartments . We know they’re irish becaus an idiot let them into the bldg.

Die By The Sword

Dude is wearing a crappy ass Slayer shirt! If he was Kvlt that would have been a vintage Show No Mercy shirt with Baphomet holding a sword by the pentagram…. Poser!


Which other apartment? By what means?
The main question everyone wants to know, A) How did they get into the building B) How did they get into the apartment. Please find answers to these and please share with us, or can we call the Pct. and ask them, would they answer us? If we don’t know how these lowlife dirt bag thieves got into the buildings and apartments, we cannot protect ourselves.

PS: Did anyone check up on that pawn shop if their properties showed up there?


I highly doubt these guys are going to the local pawn shops. They’re selling the items in the streets or around when they’re from. They’re definitely not from Sunnyside.


Getting into the building is easy. Ring buzzers until someone lets you in. Happens all the time. Getting into the apartment isn’t much harder. A device that pulls the entire lock out of the door. Or a crow bar if there is only one lock. People need to stop letting strangers into the building or people pretending to be UPS or FedEx or USPS.


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