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Turkish Eatery to Open on 43rd Street

Photo: QueensPost

Aug. 23, 2012 Staff Report

A new Turkish eatery is moving into the location that was previously occupied by Habibi –– on the corner of 43rd Street and 43rd Avenue.

The Turkish store, called Grill 43, is replacing the Lebanese eatery that was open until three weeks ago. While Grill 43 is unlikely to open for a couple of weeks, its signs went up Tuesday night.

The new business is across the street from the similarly-named 43 Bar & Grill.

“I noticed the new signs when I was parking my car,” Nick Murphy, a co-owner of the bar said. “I had no reaction,” a perplexed Murphy said, adding that “why would the owner do that?”

Murphy has no idea who owns Grill 43 and there’s been no dialogue. Murphy’s not concerned about customer confusion. “It’s a local neighborhood and people know us.”

In other developments, Murphy said that 43 Bar & Grill will soon be offering Atomic Wings. The bar/restaurant has entered into a 10 year franchising deal with the company.

“Atomic Wings is looking to expand into Queens, Long Island and Connecticut,” Murphy said, adding that “Our territory will include all of Sunnyside and parts of Woodside.”

“The new arrangement should be operational within two weeks,” Murphy said, adding that it will be “just in time for the NFL season.”

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Grill 43

I know the owner of the fastfood, has been a chef for all of his life. I had a talk with him, he is going to open for breakfast with fresh bread, boreks (dough stuffed with cheese or lamb or whatever else), homemade croissants… The sign is a lightbox at night its nice and advertises for itself. Another difference the owner told me is that he is going to have outside dinning (Next summer) so differs from the other turkish restaurants around in several ways. There is also many different selections on the menu that many are not familiar with. This will be his 5th successful location I believe, we are in for a treat.

Bimmy Jam Vuran

meet the new boss!!! Same as the old boss!!!
yeah, if something fails, put up a different sign and try again.

Preschool Teacher

Good point about The Blue Room on 2nd Av. and 60th St. They do HUGE business with Atomic Wings!! That’s really smart of Mickey at Bar 43 to adopt that franchise!! That’s good business!!

I have to see that obnoxious red sign at Turkish Grill 43 (whatever) everyday! It would also be nice if they finished the exterior work on the wall next the sign (by Romanian Garden). It looks sloppy and “ghetto.”


Islamist- all I suggested was for you to calm down for fear of rupturing a very important vessel. It is you who associated your religion with the words “blowing up” so you yourself are stereotyping your religion! shame on you!

Anonymous – My comments should fall well within the guidelines of free speech , even on an internet message board. I am not attacking anyone or threatening anyone. My views are constitutional and pretty on point as well (like when I said the Greenpoint ave was a bad place because of the latino all huffed and puffed then days later another few events happened by latinos in that area. it’s not racism, it’s STATISTICS!)

The only time i’ve said something questionable was when I wished the truck that took out the bench did so when the Bum who yells CHAANGE was sitting there. I know I wouldn’t miss walking passed him dodging the pool of spit that he so casually stands on But hey, cmon’ honestly, you know you wouldn’t miss him either.


Ruben do you work for the sunnyside post? Just asking cause I love how all your rasict and derogatory comments never get deleted.. Inside job maybe ? 😉


^ Why you gotta say it like that for? Is it cause I’m Muslim ? What a shame RUben once again you’ve shown your true colors.. I was wondering when you’d post a negative comment it’s been a while 🙂 Have a great day…


Why would the owner do that? Cause he can !! do you own 43 rd st ? Enough with these bars in sunnyside this is why we have more drunkies out I saw a couple of drunks and mind you it was 7 like come


I think Bar43 has surprisingly amazing food, and very nice owners and staff. Anybody who can support every now and then should do so. They also used to (still may) have a great special for birthdays..bring a certain number of friends, and the birthday boy/girl drinks on the house. Please don’t forget to tip..always important…Keep up the work with the site, great stuff.


The place is on 43rd street, isn’t it? Just because he opened there first doesn’t mean he owns the #43. Anyway, the sign is totally cheap, just like that place they are opening instead of Punto G. Looks like some cardboard sign, cheap overnight place.

I don’t mind seeing “Halal Food” but it just suddenly lowers the quality of the place in my eyes, why post a huge “halal food” on your sign? Put a little sign on your door or window “we serve halal food” or something like that. I seriously doubt that the place will survive a long time, Mangal still has the best lahmajun and chicken shish, and soup, even tough they got a bit worse after the original baker left, he was doing marvels, this new guy (last year or so) is making stuff smaller and smaller and soggier, but still good. Turkish Grill on the blvd is getting expensive, $16 for a take out portion, come on!

I agree with someone above who said we need a proper bakery in this place, I hate dunkin donut’s croissants, there used to be another Turkish spot down by 39 or 40th street, I dont remember like years ago, and then there was an italian/french kinda spot on skillman years ago, they both had excellent pastries, shame they went oob.

Bliss St.

Sigh, another new restaurant that won’t impress. The only new one I’ve enjoyed in awhile is Bliss 46 Bistro. Everything else, meh.


I used to be a huge fan of Atomic Wings when I lived in the UES. I adore Bar 43, but their food can use some work so I’m happy to see Atomic Wings is coming!

Also congrats to the new owner of the Turkish restaurant (even though the name was obviously ripped off!)

Oppressed Masses

If the editor didn’t decide to write about the new Grill 43 sign, would the SP have written about Atomic Wings at Bar 43? Anyway, I like this type of local coverage, keep it coming.


Aren’t “Atomic Wings” already served at that dingy bistro on the Second Avenue corner where the Q60 bus begins and ends its service between Manhattan and Jamaica? Isn’t Sunnyside a bit too close to that location?


Part of me wants to organize a boycott of this place just to hurry about a reset into something worthwhile. I’d love to see a legitimate bakery where I can buy decent French breads and hearty loaves. Maybe even some bagels. I don’t really understand why people keep opening businesses that already have their markets met.


No imagination with the name of the restaurant, so probably no imagine with the cooking either. And that’s a bad sign.


Yeah, that sign is atrocious. It’s like they didn’t even try to make it looking nice. A nice sign can make such a huge difference—just look at Salt & Fat or Pink Icing.

And sign aside, I don’t know how this place will compete with Mangal…


Already their sign looks tacky and cheap just like their choosing to name their place very similarly to an established business just a few yards away. Very inconsiderate.

I’ll stick to the Turkish Grill on Queens Blvd.


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