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Turkish Center holds Ramadan Event at Thomas P. Noonan Park

Aug. 31, 2011 By Christian Murray

The Turkish Cultural Center pitched a big white tent in Thomas P. Noonan Park last week as the group celebrated Ramadan, by holding nightly dinners on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday, Ramadan dinner was a low-key affair where there was little in the way of religious celebration. It was more about providing dinner for local Turks, as well for many other residents who came in off the street to join in the festivities.

About 450 people attended the event over the course of the evening. There were Sunnysiders of all ethnic persuasions—many of whom are experiencing tough economic times.

Oguzhan Turan, the vice president of the Turkish Cultural Center in Queens, said the event was more about the community getting together and having a celebration. “This night is about reaching out to all groups . Its not just about Muslims…”

Myrana Gatica, who is studying geology at college, was walking along Greenpoint Ave. (44th st.) and noticed the tent. “I read the banner on the tent and I had to check it out. I had just been to Istanbul on a school trip,” she said, adding that she stayed for a meal.

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Thanks for the comment about the seder. It would be a great idea for chanukah and for passover to get some groupos togeher and put on a gigantic party for everyone.


I saw this and thought what a lovely celebration!

Raquel – On the same night I saw a parade from one of the churches down the block. At least, I’m pretty sure it was one of the churches… The police shut down the streets for them and escorted them. You don’t think the gov’t would allow celebrations? Of course they do! With the right permits, anyone has the right to hold public events. Even the KKK!


I wonder if the public park would allow a Christian or Jewish celebration under a park. Something tells me they would hesitate.

Neighborhood Observer

How gracious and . . . startling.

A big tent in a public park for a religious dinner? I’m trying to think of a precedent, but can only think of the Pope in Central Park. I guess both events involve permits, sanitation, security, etc.

I’m a Catholic. We have family meals on big religious holidays. I’ve never been invited to a Seder or a Ramadan celebration, but would love to go. Please publicize these events beforehand so those ignorant of the dates can attend. It would be nice to feel a part of it.

This explains the noise coming from the restaurant across the street until midnight last night. I wish I’d known, I wouldn’t have been so annoyed at the children playing outside my window at what I thought was way beyond a respectable bedtime. I couldn’t figure it out.


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