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Truck Crashes Through Grocery Store on 45th Street

Photo: K Torrione

July 24, 2014 By Christian Murray

A truck crashed through a grocery store on the corner of 45th Street and 48th Avenue yesterday leaving two people seriously hurt and one with minor injuries.

Witnesses said that a truck went barreling into Path’s Grocery store after hitting a SUV that had run through a stop sign.

The FDNY, which had few details on the incident, said it was called to the scene at about 1pm. The FDNY confirmed the incident and said three people hurt were taken to Elmhurst Hospital, although none with life-threatening injuries.

The FDNY was unable to provide details as to how the accident occurred.

Several firefighters were on the scene yesterday afternoon clearing debris and broken glass.

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Crane, I agree- a stop sign or a traffic signal at every intersection would benefit us all. Drivers do not slow down- they think it’s their right to drive fast- they;re either talking on the phone, trying to beat a yellow light, or just take advantage of an open road. If they won’t be respectful and courteous of the neighborhood, then it’s up to us to slow them down. Maybe many of them will start avoiding this area as a result.

Beano- yes, ignore it. It will go on and on about how it’s the only truth that matters around here, and make some lame and pathetic remarks about someone or something, just for attention. It redefines the terms “nasty” “unwelcome” and “troll.” “Everyonehates me” will be its next handle after SS Post bans this latest one. Don’t even read its posts, your eyes will feel grimey afterwards.

Flores 65

@Kramden’s Delicious Marshall

I was thinking the same thing. There should be some type of enforcement in place.

Flores 65

@Kramden’s Delicious Marshall

I was thinking the same thing. There has to be some type of enforcement.


Sunnysider, there’s no need for me to use any proxy , I’m not the problem. Everything I say is truth.

I know it must anger some to see my truthful comments, I know they don’t want to admit what Sunnyside truly is/has become. But I know you all see it, the corruption, the waste of public funding, the gentrification, the racism, the divisions, the lack of police presence, the rise in crime in both sides.

You guys got real problems here. There’s projects that are safer than Sunnyside is at the moment.

Also: I would suggest anybody who thinks of tracking someone down on these forums…not to. That kind of stalking invites a special kind of reaction.


1. Sunnysidehatesme is a troll (by definition) — but he/she does say some funny stuff, if not out of taste. (it’s true). By the way SHM I’d use a proxy to post because otherwise we can track you using IP down to the block and building… just a thought.

2. It’s become an epidemic around here, regardless of visibility (I honk on every corner turn now) with bad drivers — especially drivers that are actually renting their ride. (i.e. there is a zipcar port on barnett and 50th(?) in the parking lot). ALot of sunday drivers (cough – hispters) who usually use mass transit have really made it hard to drive around here on those times they have a whim to drive.

3. Yeah, I’m always suspicious of bodegas and other run down stores being fronts but whats the chance that a majority are right?

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

I’d be willing to bet the driver who burned the red light was yapping on a cell phone or checking text messages. A day does not go by that I don’t some idiot behind the wheel with eyes glues to some electronic device.


Krissi, it’s a good thing you are not a detective because I saw the accident and the SUV completely ran the stop sign and T-boned the white truck. The truck was re directed into the store (which is a filthy dump).


hhahaha I’m a troll? Go back and visit the other posts and you’ll see blatant racism and true hate. I just say what’s true about this neighborhood. I don’t need your attention,

So have any of you posting been inside this bodega? a van crashing into it is the best thing that coulda happened to that disgusting place. Bodegas are vile places and fronts for drug deals.


Doesn’t anyone know how to drive anymore?

It’s like a demolition derby out there.


I’ve lived in the neighborhood my whole life. That intersection is dangerous because of the cars park on the corner of 45th str and 48th, in front of the chineses food place. There shouldn’t be parking allowed on that corner as the parked vehicles make it difficult for anyone to see on coming traffic. Or at least put a 4 way stop sign.


Beano, welcome to the site, we already ignored him long ago, so do the same and don’t frustrate yourself, eventually he will fade into nothingness if we all ignore him.

There should be traffic light at every intersection in Sunnyside, every single one. This is the reason why I take a detour through queens blvd instead of using side streets like 44 to take 495. Even if you stop at a stop sign, there are so many other idiots who don’t know how to take turns or who has the right of way. I am glad they put lights on most of intersections like on skillman but there are still very dangerous intersections like the one on at the end of 47th and 45th by 39th ave, those are death traps. Have you noticed how much your vision is blocked by parked cars on 47th and 39th ave? And same thing on 45th with the bushes blocking your vision as you try to make a right turn.


I live across the street and ran out when I heard this crazy crash. Everyone was taking pics on the street – no one was on the ph! So I called 911. Hopefully I wasn’t the only person who called – but seriously can we as a society stop taking pictures before calling 911?

Everyone looked okay. The deli guy was very shaken up but looked okay. The van was literally INSIDE the deli. It was crazy!

I’m obvs not a detective, but if I had to guess from the scene there were two cars in front of the van that looked like they had a minor fender bender. Van probably was going to fast and swerved to try to not hit them and well, ended up in the deli. Again, I don’t have any real proof of this but that’s what I took from the scene.


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