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Traffic Light Comes to Skillman Avenue, As Residents Continue Fight For Safer Street


Photo: QueensPost

April 2, 2015 By Christian Murray 

A new traffic light is going up on the corner of Skillman Avenue and 51st Street.

The light represents another victory for local residents and elected officials who have been fighting for years to improve traffic safety on Skillman Avenue.

“I am thrilled that after 5 years of advocacy, two press conferences and many letters, the Department of Transportation has agreed to install a stoplight at the intersection of 51st & Skillman,” said  Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

In 2008, a group called the Safer Skillman Ave. Coalition was formed to put pressure on the DOT to increase the safety of the avenue.

The pressure resulted in the re-timing of traffic lights—to ensure that motorists were unable to speed through successive traffic lights—as well as the creation of bike lanes that essentially narrowed the width of the lanes.

The new traffic light is part of an ongoing quest to reduce traffic fatalities.

“This has been a dangerous, unprotected crossing for far too long. This change will make it much safer for pedestrians and vehicles alike,” Van Bramer said, in reference to the traffic light.

“This is the first in a series of expected improvements in the area including neighborhood slow zones and safety enhancements to Queens Boulevard,” he said.

Study: 2008

Skillman Avenue traffic issues 2008 by sunnysidepost

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Hey JVB get some god damn trash cans installed on skillman while your taking cudos for the residents doing your job useless freeloader.

Southside Johnny

Hey Harry, why don’t you take your trash home and deal with it yourself? How much of it is there that it’s so difficult for you to carry? Wherever trash bins are located becomes a messy area and out tax dollars already provide plentiful garbage pick-up around here. The old trash bins were unsightly and too many people used them to illegally dispose of ho0udehold trash.

Be a good citizen and take care of your own trash.


Amen. It’s about time. I wonder what’ll be done about the tractor trailers double parking in front of dynasty. It’s a nightmare on delivery day


laurie easy solution make it a truck only parking 12 hours a day just like next to c town at 42nd and greenpoint….just take away the parking spaces……problem solved


he is right so many idiot people on their phones waking into traffic……remmeber its their fault

demand they be charged with jaywalking….DO NOT have your insurance company participate in insurance fraud by paying them a dime….your rates will go up……….

STAND YOUR GROUND…..if the pedestrian is at fault dont fall for any scare tactics…and report your insurance company to the state commissioner for fraud…….

Heywood Jablomey

Get back to me when you are 75 and tell me you still have the reflexes of a 20 year old.

Curious Orange

Your use of the slur “retards” devalues your contribution to this discussion.


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