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Track Crime In Sunnyside/Woodside With New NYPD Tool


March 17, 2016 Staff Report

Residents will be able to keep a closer eye on much of the criminal activity taking place in Sunnyside using the NYPD’s recently released CompStat2.0 website.

The site allows users to search crime stats by precinct and to see criminal incidents pinpointed on a map. Sunnyside and Woodside are part of the 108 Precinct, Queens North.

Users are able to select a precinct to see crime statistics and how they compare to the previous year.

Users can also see when and where incidents of a specific crime occurred. On the map, blue dots appear, showing where a crime took place. Users can click each dot for more information about the crime.

Data can also be sorted by time of day, day of the week and “subtype” (for instance, residential robberies versus shoplifting).

Therefore, if there is a crime pattern–such as a spate of burglaries–residents will be able to track them.

“CompStat 2.0 changes the way crime data is reported,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said. “It provides the ability for anyone to search what matters to them: their street, their neighborhood, their borough. This sort of clarity is not merely about useful information, it also builds relationships between the police and the community.”

The NYPD released the CompStat2.0 website on Feb. 23.

“We’re taking CompStat into the 21st Century—and making our crime numbers clear and accessible for all New Yorkers,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Major crimes in the 108 Precinct this year

Major crimes in the 108 Precinct this year

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There is so much crime going on everywhere in this country. Is crime being encouraged by our law authorities? Recently, a banner was removed from a wall in North Korea – by whom – an American! The punishment – 15 years in jail. This is true punishment, and it sends a clear message. In America, this would be considered a prank – not newsworthy. The recent surge in slashings and stabbings and killings goes on, and on. Why? And by whom? People everywhere are afraid to walk the streets. What does this say about our law enforcement; our education system? Look at what is happening to our kids since there is no more praying in schools. Satan is rampant – yeah! The bullying, shootings, bomb scares, taking guns to school, massacres, sex education, unwanted pregnancies, drugs, negative social media postings, the moral degradation of our future generation. Is anybody really listening? Does anybody really care?


@anon Go back and pray to the invisible god who told Moses to have the man who was seen gathering sticks on the sabbath stoned. The least violent countries with the lowest rates of crime, unwanted pregnancies are all secular nations that have the lowest number of so called Religious folk. Stop repeating the mistakes of the past. God is a hoax. Look at Saudia Arabia and the Vatican. Forget that last a sentence, asking someone who actually believes in myths and fairy tales to to look at something rationally is a waste of time.


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