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Tonight: Sunnyside Bars to Duke It Out Over ‘Trivia’

April 21, 2013 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside is going ‘trivia’ mad.

Several bars in the neighborhood are hosting ‘trivia’ nights and the number of establishments that are putting them on appears to keep growing.

About two years ago, Bar 43 and Molly Blooms were the go-to places for trivia enthusiasts. However, in recent months, Maggie Mae’s and Bliss Street Station have joined in too.  In addition, the Copper Kettle and the Dog & Duck host it from time-to-time for fundraising purposes.

Tonight, April 21, the best teams from many of these bars are turning up at the Dog & Duck in the “battle of the bars” to duke it out for top billing in the name of charity.  This will be the second “battle of the bars” event, with the team from Bar 43 winning it last year—when it was held as a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims.

This year, the event is being held to benefit the Friends of Karen charity, which helps cover the expenses for families that have a child with cancer.

The rules of “battle of the bars” will be similar to those adopted by most Sunnyside bars, where attendees split into teams and then answer several rounds of questions for a series of prizes.

Ty Sullivan, the popular Bar 43 trivia master who is co-hosting tonight’s event, said at Bar 43 there are typically 16 to 18 teams comprised of four or five people per team. He said there are six rounds of questions, comprised of 10 questions per round. At the end of each round, each team submits its answers on a sheet of paper and he grades them.

“The team that wins a round might get free shots or a spot prize,” Sullivan said, referring to Bar 43’s Tuesday night event. “Sometimes we will give free shots to the team that constantly loses—to make it fun. It’s not just for champions.”

Meanwhile, Terry Clarke, the popular trivia master at Molly Blooms who is the other co-host of battle of the bars, has been running that pub’s event on Monday nights for about two years.

At least 10 teams are expected at tonight’s “battle of the bars” event. Each team will be paying $20 per table, which will go to the Friends of Karen charity.

The event kicks off at 8:30 pm.

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Ty Sullivan

I’m not one to complain BUT…Being a father of a 4 year old daughter I have to be observant of what is happening in my area, in particular my block. This last Sunday (April 21) as I passed XIO, I spotted a young woman performing oral sex on a young man in clear viability just off the street in the ally of the first building on 39th Place next to XIO.

I kept going up the block a bit to see if they were indeed returning to XIO when the task was complete. Surprise, they ascended from the ally and went right into XIO.

If more daughter had been with me, imaging the conversation I would have had to have with a 4 year old.

I have no problem with a bar/restaurant succeeding in the area but when it promotes and allows their clients to wonder, linger and act the way the way some of these clients do…It may be time to look at who are businesses are.

Mr. Murphy

I believe that Xio Lounge should already be on Jimmy Van Bramer’s radar. It is already luring in a shady clientele. Who needs a bouncer at 10am?


hey gman that “bar” xio is open from friday nite thru monday morning! they keep the shades closed and the degenerates on the street day & nite…….what other bar needs a bouncer @ 9am on a sat or sun morning???

Ty Sullivan

And the Winner is…For the trophy in the Battle of The Bars is…GREENPOINT LOUNGE! Congrats! Bar 43 came in 2nd with Murphy’s rounding off the top 3.
Tie for 4th place goes to Dog and Duck and The Brogue.
Followed by Molly Blooms, McGuinness and Copper Kettle.

We will see you in July for the Summer battle when Bar 43 vows to take the cup back. You up for the challenge? 🙂

Thanks again to Dog and Duck for letting Myself and Terry Clarke host the event.


will that xio bar on 39 be entering?tThe weird nightclub(Dayclub?) that starts pounding music at 10am must have some smart people going there ,the people outside look so smart!


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