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Tickets Go on Sale For the 2015 Taste of Sunnyside

April 8, 2015 By Christian Murray

Tickets are now on sale for the 2015 Taste of Sunnyside.

The event, organized by the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District, will feature more than 26 restaurants and will once again take place under the block-long tent on Queens Blvd (between 45th and 46th Streets) under the elevated 7 train.

The event, scheduled for May 19, will feature food and drink from Sunnyside’s diverse range of restaurants and attendees will be able to sample cuisine from each participating restaurant.

This will be the fifth Taste of Sunnyside, the second to be held outdoors under the big tent.

“Last year’s event exceeded our wildest expectations and we’re excited to be back under the 7 train again to sample all this delicious food,” said Rachel Thieme, executive director of Sunnyside Shines.

Given the diversity of neighborhood restaurants, the selections are likely to be vast. For example, there will be Peruvian food from Los Pollos Restaurant, Italian from Venturo Osteria and modern American from Salt & Fat.

The Taste of Sunnyside has traditionally been the BID’s most popular event.

“Bringing all the flavors of Sunnyside into one visible food festival is an amazing opportunity for local residents and visitors alike to discover their new favorite restaurant,” Thieme said. She added that it is also “a great way to help promote Sunnyside as a restaurant destination.

General admission tickets cost $35 (from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm)

VIP Tickets cost $60 (from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm)

Participating restaurants include:

Tibetan Dumpling Cafe | Los Verdes | Blue Orchid | Claret Wine Bar | PJ Horgans | Tito Rad’s Grill | Dog and Duck | De Mole | Bliss Street Station | Dumpling & Things | I Love Paraguay | Aubergine Cafe | Arriba Arriba | Los Pollos Restaurant | Bliss 46 Bistro | Nonna Gina Brick Oven Pizza | Punda Tibetan Restaurant | Copper Kettle | Sidetracks | Tealicious Express | Soleluna | Bar 43 & Grill | Murphy’s Lobster Grill | Salt & Fat | Venturo Osteria | White Castle


The event will take place on Tuesday, May 19, from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Tickets are $60 for the VIP entrance at 5:30 pm and $30 for general admission at 6:30pm

To purchase tickets and see the list of participating restaurants, visit

Arriba Arriba

Arriba Arriba


taste of sunnyside
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Food from 26 restaurants for $35.00. Let’s see, that is roughly $1.35 a restaurant. Granted that the restaurants aren’t doing this for a big profit tonight but to advertise their food and offer it to people to try, that’s not a bad price. Even if you don’t sample everything, that’s still a lot of food.

Sunnyside local

Oh my god!!! Shut up! The event is there for people to enjoy.. If you don’t want to go then don’t go.. No one really cares. Get a life and talk to someone who cares , maybe a counsellor.. And keep all the racism to yourselves! Bunch of idiots!!!


Wow it makes it even more surprising that you would have an adverse reaction to horse meat..Btw El loco ESL classes are available at LaGuardia C.C

El loco

Yo Dotty, Yo Dotty. Many of the people who read (or have it read to them) the Sunnyside Post have come from other lands where freedom of speech is unknown. That’s how they react.


What do you mean by that? A concise, clear explanation of why it isn’t worth my $35, even if it is worth yours, doesn’t mean I have any issues other than not liking that event for myself. If you have more precise insults to hurl rather than just a vague nasty insinuation, let’s hear it.


While it may be priced lower than other events, it is still pricey for the people of Sunnyside. I certainly don’t have $35.00 to give someone for that. I’d have to leave work early, find a place to park and then go work my way through crowds to eat, and all the while 8 lanes of traffic and rush hour trains surround me on three sides. No.


Dotty……so why the complaining. Just don’t go if its not your thing or in your budget. I think $35 is reasonable. Its not like its $100 a ticket. Lighten up


Why does stating my opinion cause you to tell me to lighten up? I gave an opinion, the event clearly is not for me. But the issue was cost and I am not the only one who thought it was too much. So I said so and why. I would pay $35.00 for other things, but not that. Nothing heavy or light about it.


Dotty….. no one was inviting YOU personally so no one really wants to hear ALL the reasons why you can’t go. And please don’t speak for the people of Sunnyside. Maybe not ALL of the people of Sunnyside have $35 but many of us do so please don’t speak for me and lump all the people of sunnyside together


I’d also like to chime in that prices are where they are based on the food they’re serving. Some of these restaurants are very expensive, and you should probably expect to pay a little more than you’d like to get to taste their food. It’s not a tiny sample like you get at Costco, it’s a decent amount of expensive food, from so many restaurants. The prices are partially based on that.


Wow if the Sunnyside social club plays I’m so going I saw them last year and at dog and duck for mardigras, Amazing!


If white castle gives you the runs why not stick with your tacos and tortas senor El loco

El loco

I have no problem with White Castle except the food gives me the runs. The owner is very active in Sunnyside. You have to buy the vip tickets otherwise the food is gone by the time you get there at 6:30. Also the poor people in the hood can’t afford the $35-60 tickets. It is an exclusive event.


Great way to bring the neighborhood together and wonderful use of space.
…Hope I can make it ..


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