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Three Queens Residents Indicted for Trafficking Firearms Into NYC

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Nov. 3, 2020 By Christian Murray

Three Queens residents have been indicted for trafficking illegal firearms across state lines.

The alleged gun-runners purchased firearms in the Virginia, where the laws are less strict, and then hauled them to New York City to sell.

The crew, led by Jessica “Cess Milla” Heyliger of Jamaica, purchased pistols, revolvers and other weapons between September 2019 and July 2020, according to the charges. She worked in concert with two other crew members–Mitchell ‘Mitch’ Myree of Jamaica and Sharod ‘Yahyo’ King of Woodside– to peddle the weapons.

The trio were arraigned following a grand jury handing up a 182-count indictment. They have been variously charged with the criminal sale of a firearm in the first degree, criminal possession on a weapon in the second degree and other crimes

“Getting guns off our streets is one of my top priorities,” said District Attorney Melinda Katz in a statement. “Accomplishing that means investigating and prosecuting those responsible for allegedly bringing deadly guns into our region.”

According to the charges, Heyliger was the crew leader and the principal dealer of the weapons. Meanwhile, Myree is accused of being the backup supplier and King allegedly was Heyliger’s salesman.

The investigation into the crew began in September 2019 when King allegedly sold a handgun and two large capacity ammunition feeding devices to an undercover cop.

In December 2019, police got a court order to tap King’s mobile phone.

The crew then allegedly began supplying an undercover police office, and sold the officer 23 guns in 13 separate transactions.

As part of the conspiracy, King allegedly communicated directly with the undercover police officer – and delivered firearms, large capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Most of the illegal sales occurred in Astoria.

Heyliger is accused of providing all the weapons and ammo to King.

“These kinds of firearms do not belong in our communities. Each weapon seized during this investigation is a potential life saved,” Katz said. “We will continue to work with all our law enforcement partners to put gun runners out of business.”

The defendants were ordered to return to court on Jan. 28, 2021.

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They're Woke Jokes

A lot of middle/upper class people don’t understand that you need a piece to defend yourself in the lower income areas. The ban on guns is a feel good nice thing for the morally arrogant, latte drinking, limousine liberal “pro”gressive AKA Communists but they don’t understand that people in poor neighborhoods need them for the underground economy. Also middle class to upper middle class need them as well… to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

Crybaby conservatism

Oh no your poor fragile hurt feelings! Maybe you should move to one of those Republican states like Alabama far away from those mean liberals.


You can’t possibly be this stupid. You are trolling to create chaos. Are you even a US citizen?

Jake Woke Joke

lol are you using your Jump to Conclusion Mat, Panic Edition?

Most immigrants know that it’s governments that create chaos via third party so that the citizen run into their governments arms only to realize more totalitarian policies.

Eric Anderson

Boomers?? I’m a Gen X-er, Independent and I agree that woke and cancel culture is more harmful than anything conservatives have done. I know several black conservatives who believe in limited government and have been called Coon and Uncle Tom by liberal democrats more than n***ger by conservatives republicans. Freedom of thought until the thoughts are different; that’s the liberal mentality.


considering the skyrocketing thug violence, we could all use a gun for protection in our homes.

Say what!

So were they released or are they being held? Bail? No bail? Where are they today? Jamaica Queens? or Jamaica Jamaica?


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