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Businesses Open on Queens Boulevard


Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 19, 2011 By Christian Murray

Two businesses opened this week between 39th Street and 39th Place, with another one expected to have a grand opening this week.

On Monday, a pizza shop called Verdecchio Pizzeria opened at 39-11 Queen Blvd, which sells slices for $2.25 and large 18” pies for $13.00. The shop also serves heros, pasta, burgers and salads.

The pizzeria is owned by Juan Quinde, a Sunnyside resident who has another pizzeria in Harlem. The restaurant is being managed by his cousin Hector Quinde, also from Sunnyside.

“We have always wanted to open a pizzeria close to home and we have the experience [to do so],” said Hector Quinde.  He added that he expects 40% of the shop’s sales to come from pizza, with the remainder coming from other food types.

The space was previously occupied by the Japanese restaurant Chikurin.

Photo: QueensPost

Meanwhile, Xio Lounge (located at 39-17 Queens Blvd) held its grand opening tonight, taking over the space that was previously operated by Ra Café & Lounge. The owners describe the business as “bringing upscale Manhattan to Queens” offering a “contemporary/modern look and classy ambiance.”

This week Deal$, the nationwide discount store owned by the Dollar Tree, is expected to open. The store is taking over the space previously occupied by Master Billards at 39-01 Queens Blvd.

The Dollar Tree is a publicly traded company that has thousands of stores across the nation.

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P & B

The new store deals is great. They have gift bags for the holidays for one dollar and gift boxes for two dollars. The store is clean and well organized. Cheaper than rite aid and cvs for much of the same type items.


Hi Krissi, I passed on Sunday and they are still working on it.

Sunnyside Post could you update us on Td bank and Bliss Bistro that new restauant on 46 st off queens blv near that pawn shop on the corner thank you.


Has that French place opened on like, 46th or 45th on the corner of Queens boulevard? I thought it was already open and stopped by a few weeks ago but it wasn’t yet…


Hi 43rd and43rd the Romanian garden opened last week. Alot of people were insde. It looked crowded. I am happy for them.the street will be busier for them. It is more upscale restuant than the pizza place.


I agree with 43rd@43rd. There are a ton of great places! When friends and family come to visit, we barely make it out of Sunnyside for our meals—so much good food here! (That, or I’m a terrible hostess.)


“a shopping waking tour of our town”

“And to your right is 99C or more, it was once called Everything 99c or less, but times changed… and on your right, a pawn shop… on the next block we have a 99c store that just opened up called Risen where everything is missspeellled, and across the street is also a new 99c store. Further on we have some nail salons, hair stylists, food carts under the train stops…”

Seriously though we have some fantastic places here. We just focus on the negative ones. Did anyone know about Romanian Garden opening up on 43rd?!? The interior looks great!


For some reason alot of people do not walk down that far to 39st. Maybe we need to have a shopping waking tour of our town or a transportation service that will move peolpe around our town. Like to do dinner and a movie or shopping and dinner.

I need to looks into this. Expecially with the holidys and so many stores new and old plus a ton of restauants to eat in. we can use a van service to move us or the seniors around or with rain, snow or just cold weather we sometimes order in or stayin rather than go out.

Plus this service can drop off people home who drink too much and keep our residence safe and prevent accidents in our town.


Sunnyside Post what is up the TD bank that is taking over from the candy story and the Veterans Clinic.

great news about the pizza place and the lounge did not know what is gong on at 39 street and 39 place usually I do not walk over there. Is there a take out menu with them.

great job of reporting as usual from this website.


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