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Threading Business Opens on Queens Blvd.

Photo: QueensPost

Oct. 22, 2012 Staff Report

A new store is opening on Queens Blvd Wednesday that will be offering threading, waxing and spa services.

The store, called Divina Threading, will be located at 41-26 Queens Blvd, next door to Dunkin Donuts.

Divina Threading is owned by the Prajapati family, who live in Sunnyside. It is a father, mother and son operation.

The business will offer eyebrow threading for $6; bikini-line waxing for $15; to a full-body waxing for $125.

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I just discovered the Sunnyside Post and must say that the best feature is the ‘comments’. Keep it coming people.


Hi Kathy there is a yoga studio that was opposite the post ofice and it moved to 43rd ave and 49 thst.. they are down the block from mz=azoorra and mozzora aabout 3 business in..

Rick Duro

That’s the spot of the old Cherry Valley Deli. I miss the owner, Jimmy, he was a real nice guy. I think he had another deli near St Johns(?). After the epic fire that ate up most of the block he had a difficult time keeping the place afloat.



It’s nice to have affordable waxing…. if they have good health practices and are good at it will be another story. Sometimes you pay for what you get.
I’ve been to Pure and it was “okay” when it came to waxing.

What we really need in Sunnyside is a yoga studio!

Girl Power

I can’t believe people shell out so much money to have hair removed. It used to be done in the privacy of one’s bathroom, by oneself. It seems we are a nation of personal service consumers. Well, if you have the money there is always someone willing to take it from you.

Craic Dealer

@Susan: When I was looking into a business, commercial rent is a lot lower than residential. It also is VERY situational. When I get my B-hole waxed I don’t pay that much. They work on the lowest margins possible.


@Craic how can ANY business with cheap prices pay the exorbitant rents? you tell me genius! competition is great but can’t it be for something worthwhile? Notice how they’re always CASH businesses for ex: nail salons & eyebrow, waxing salons or spas whatever u want to call them~!

@ Webley I agree 100% with you!

Craic Dealer

@Susan: oooooh you and your cliche “think out of the box.” It’s these multiple businesses of the same service that creates competition for you; better services at best prices. If they stink they go out of business. If they’re too expensive, they lower the price or go out of business. Competition is great!


I don’t get it, do they make that much money? I assume they are related to the Dunkin Donuts, uncle, relative, etc.. I remember Dunkin Donuts bought the whole property including the old korean church.. right?
Still, I wonder how much money can they make to pay the prime location rent. it is all HAIR! few plucks cannot cost more than $10 or so? You pluck 10 brows a day, even 25, should not be enough.


wow….just what we needed! there’s on the south side of QB & 40th St & another on QB & 46th St.

We have Pure on the N side of QB and various other salons – can’t ANYONE think out of the box???


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