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This Year’s ‘Taste of Sunnyside’ Sizzles

Oct. 21, 2011 By Christian Murray

The second Taste of Sunnyside was held Tuesday night at the Sunnyside Community Services Ballroom.

Twenty local restaurants, which offered a variety of ethnic fare, provided food samples to about 600 attendees over the course of the evening.  There were two individual tastings this year that were both sold out. Each session accommodated close to 300 people, with one event going from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, while the second going from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm.

Lines formed outside the Sunnyside Community Services Center prior to both events. Crowds then poured in and went straight to the restaurant counters and five tables serving juices and spirits. Attendees were offered Japanese, Thai, Irish, Turkish, Lebanese, Italian, soul, eclectic American, organic vegetarian, French, fast-American food and pastries.

The aim of the event, put on by Sunnyside Shines and the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, was to introduce people to many of the neighborhood’s restaurants that they may not ordinarily go to — as well as showcase Sunnyside as a restaurant destination.

The event certainly achieved its mission, with most of the attendees trying out new places. “I have tried a lot of restaurants in the neighborhood yet I haven’t gone to the newer places like [Souk] El Shater or Salt & Fat,” said Mario Gonzalez, a Sunnyside resident. However, “my favorite so far has been de Mole; and I like Real Santé Fe.”

Meanwhile, one woman said that she was drawn to the event since it provided her with a “chance to get a snippet of everything.”

Many of the restaurants were first time participants in the event since they have been open less than a year. These included Salt & Fat, Souk El Shater, Sunrise Restaurant, Saffron Garden, Bliss 46 Bistro, Nodus, Anise Fusion and Pink Icing (a bakery, scheduled to open in November).

The owner of Souk El Shat said the event was definitely worth going to. He said that he got to meet several local people and was pleased that many attendees liked his food.

The organizers lined the food serving tables along the walls and put up signs denoting each restaurant. Attendees then went from table to table.

John Vogt, the chairman of Sunnyside Shines, thanked the restaurants that participated and said that he expects an even “bigger event next year.” He also thanked the Chamber as joint partners for helping bring the evening together, and Sunnyside Community Services for hosting it.

People’s favorite foods ran the gamut.

Mary Walsh, a Woodside resident, liked the chicken pot pie from the Copper Kettle the best. “The chicken is to die for,” she said. Meanwhile, Noberto Saldana, from Woodside, said that he liked the pasta at Dazies and Mama’s Empanadas the best.

However, Mandy and her friend Lauren, both from Sunnyside, were big fans of Salt & Fat.  Meanwhile, Mark Wilensky, a well known Sunnyside resident, went straight for a White Castle burger upon arrival.

The gathering also attracted plenty of politicians. Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, State Sen. Michael Gianaris, City Comptroller John Liu and councilman Jimmy Van Bramer all arrived and discussed the benefit of small businesses and the evening’s success.

However, given the shortage of space, the politicians and their staff had to pay $25 for a ticket like the public.

While most restaurants, at least in the short term, viewed the event as a community success—the investment value of being part of the event won’t be known for about two months. The restaurants had to cover the cost of the food and labor in order to participate but paid no fee as is customary with tasting events.

Becky Barker, the president of the Chamber, said the organization will be polling restaurants “to see if they are getting more people coming into their restaurant from this.”

The following is a list of most of the restaurants that participated– and what they offered.

Arriba Arriba

The restaurant offered strawberry and mango Margaritas, Sangria as well guacamole and chips.

Anise Fusion

The Indian/Chinese restaurant served deep fried battered chicken “lollipop” and vegetable rice.

Bar 43

Served a lamb shepherds pie.

Copper Kettle

The restaurant offer salmon and chicken potpie. The potpie was popular.

Bliss 46 Bistro

The French restaurant offered steak grilled with garlic butter and brownies.


Sushi, Japanese fried chip and a chow mein.

de Mole
Shrimp cerviche, meat de mole.

Dee Thai

It served a beef curry, rice and vegetable dumplings.


Penne alla Vodka with Chicken.


Penne alla Vodka with Chicken.

Mama’s Empanadas


White Castle

Burgers and mozzarella sticks.


Thai curry.

Sunrise Restaurant

Parmesan wings, ribs.

Salt & Fat

A buttery shrimp that featured browned corn and a carrot purée.

Souk El Shater

The offered a falafel, meat pie, tabouley, hummus and baklava.

Saffron Garden

A rice pudding that contained cream and toasted coconut.

Pink Icing

Offered cupcakes and walnut sour cream apple pie.


Served roast sausage and pear chutney.

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It’s a pity that the restaurant run down in the article got cut off after Quaint… because some of the highlights for the night for me were Salt & Fat and Sunrise. Glad to see that both restaurants are getting positive reviews. Especially Sunrise as I think that it deserves a trip down to Greenpoint Avenue.
And like POcius said, we missed the review of White Castle. 🙂


The “politicians had to pay”. Good – make them pay through the nose! They get enough freebees as is.


What a fabulous event! My only complaint would be lack of seating. You could tell that the organizers learned a lot from last year’s event and made very nice changes.

I was pleasantly surprised with Natural Food’s carrot dish and Sunrise, imho, is an overlooked place. I also hope Tito Rad’s, Sik Gaek, and Pio Pio join next time too! Also the Nepali place and perhaps one of the Spanish places?

It really is a joy to go to this event. Even my Manhattan friends are amazed by the diversity and great eats of our little neighborhood!

Dorothy Morehead

A Taste of Sunnyside was a terrific event. I skipped a number of places I already patronize (except de Mole–I couldn’t pass up their ceviche which I love!) so I could try the others and I still didn’t get to them all. Kudos to the organizers as well as the restaurants for all their hard work.


I attended the event and stuffed myself silly. My favorite, hands down was Salt and Fat. Second favorite was Nodus. I even won, one of the raffles and got to attend a dance performance at Laguardia C.C tonight. All in all it was good event and tonight’s performance was the cherry on top!


My wife and I came with a few of our friends and we all loved it. Definitely better organized than last year and lots of great new places to try out! We’re looking forward to next year.

Sunny Blue

I enjoyed the tasting. Standouts for me were Salt and Fat, El Shater, Arriba Arriba and Pink Icing. Service was quick and friendly. Volunteers came by to clear plates. Free water and soda was appreciated. I think the organizers need to hold the event at a larger space so they can have more tables. Many people had to eat standing or sitting in a chair without a table.

Oppressed Masses

The tasting event was well organized and I think accomplished its purpose of introducing residents to diverse restaurants in our neighborhood. I’m making a point of going to each place over the next several months.


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