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The Easter Bunny Arrives Early

March 29, 2012 Staff Report

The Sunnyside/Woodside Lions Club held its Easter Party at St Teresa’s auditorium last Saturday and about 100 children attended.

Local children were showered with Easter Eggs and array of chocolates. They also cheered when the Easter Bunny made a surprise visit.

The event, which cost the Lions $400 to put on, entertained twice as many children as last year.

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Lion Member

The Party is usually held at Queens of Angels but was not available this year. Most of the kids from the south side come to it along with kids of the North side. The Lions is for the whole of Sunnyside. We do not discriminate north and south….The information is out there via flyers, woodside herald and other communications. We hope you invite all the kids you know to come to our kids parties at Easter and Halloween.

Oppressed Masses

@Sunnysider: The north side of Queens Blvd and in particular the Gardens area is starting a new Easter tradition this year, “find my car wheels and tires”. It is a variation on the traditional Easter egg hunt and is expected to help out those car owners whose wheels have gone missing.


This is such a fantastic hoidayfor the kids of our town… and grateful for the lions club for putting on this holiday party for our kids… anything going on with the north side of the blvd for our kids here

Oppressed Masses

I love the pagan traditions; they’re a lot more fun than sitting through Mass or other religious service.


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