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The Dog and Duck Reopens with New Menu, Renovations and Ownership

April 20, 2018 By Tara Law

Sunnyside bar The Dog and Duck will reopen today with a fresh menu and a new look. 

The Dog and Duck, which has been located at 45-20 Skillman Ave since 2011, will open at 4 p.m. under new ownership today after closing Monday for renovations. 

The bar was purchased by first-time bar owners Michael Coyle and neighborhood resident John Fitzpatrick, who are partners at a Brooklyn-based construction company. One of the bar’s previous co-owners, Padraigh Connolly, said that he sold the bar in order to move upstate.

Fitzpatrick joked in an interview Friday that the rapid changes to the bar over the last five days have been like an episode of the television show Bar Rescue. 

Prior to purchasing the business, the pair reached out to the community to get a sense of what was working at the bar, and what needed improvement. The biggest issues, Fitzpatrick said, appeared to be the service and the food.

“People have said to us, ‘You need to get the food back on track’,” Fitzpatrick said.

The new menu, which is shorter than the previous rendition, will feature hearty comfort food such as grass fed black angus steak; drunken mussels; and pork chops with fingerling potatoes and red cabbage, as well as light appetizers such as salads and bruschetta. 

The bar will also debut a new wine, beer and cocktail list.

Customers who visit the bar will also discover that the space’s appearance has changed. In just the last few days, a team of 25 people had painted the walls and ceiling, refinished the floors, replaced the lighting and bathroom fixtures and brought in new tables and chairs. 

“The bar is going to look totally different,” said Fitzpatrick. “It’s more modern.”

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I hear from a reliable source that the new Brazilian steakhouse owned by the owner of The Alvove should open by the first of 2019. Address I think is 48th block of Skillman.

Carbie Barbie

Hey, is this one of those “sponsored” adver-torials like you did for Senso Unico?

Is that why there’s no write-up for the Sanger Hall across the street from PJ Horgan’s? They didn’t pay for a sponsored article?


I see your point but sometimes business owners don’t respond to phone calls and don’t want articles. You can’t blame news outlets for that.

Carbie Barbie

I wrote a comment responding to you, but it seems that it did not pass muster in moderation.

I was suggesting there needs to be a brighter line between articles and advertisements–the “Sponsored Stories”. I know this enterprise depends on advertisements and I disabled my ad-blocker software here for that reason. But I found it concerning that the Editors here did not identify the paid posts as clearly as I thought they should.

Your point about the owners not responding is a fair one. At the same time, there’s nothing stopping them from writing a review or article about the place without the owner’s permission or comments.

I don’t mean to be overly critical. I’m here because I like the local news. But it seems to me there should be a firewall between advertisements, opinion and news reporting. Maybe that’s old fashioned, but…


Hi Christian Murray here.
Thank you for your feedback regarding sponsored stories. You make a number of good points and adjustments will be made to make it clearer.
Feedback like this is helpful–so I appreciate it.

Carbie Barbie

I’m flabbergasted!

Uh, thank you!

I love this site even more!


This is a first class Establishment. Delicous food, reasonably priced, in a very beautifully decorated envirorment, its up there with finer Steak Houses in the city, cant wait to return .

Carbie Barbie

Why is there no write up of the new place across the street from PJ Horgan’s?


i’m worried about the prices I saw on the menu. i think i saw a $30 steak. Can’t be right.


The food is better, but the service wasn’t great. We would’ve ordered dessert if our server didn’t ignore our table for 2o minutes. They are just starting out, though, so I’ll cut them some slack.


Had brunch there today. Much better now! Service just working itself out, but the food was great.


Wait, what? Who’s charging $8.50 for a pint? Is it a pint of liquid gold or something?

Fed up

It was perfect before! Why is everyone in this neighborhood so negative. Now everything is going to be 25% more expensive.


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