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The Boulevard Lounge for Sale


Dec. 7, 2011 Staff Report

The Boulevard Lounge, located at 39-35 47th Ave., is up for sale.

The bar/restaurant was established in 2010 and was deemed by many as a major improvement to the neighborhood. It took over the space that was occupied by Mike’s European Grocery.

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It was a strange empty Romanian place. If anyone chooses to open a bar that is ethnically neutral, gay friendly, and cheap, it doesn’t matter where in the neighborhood it is or what it looks like. I’ll be there, and I won’t be the only one.


I always planned to go but it is in kinda one of those parts of Sunnyside that if you don’t live directly around it you won’t think of it. I agree with LA, they should have advertised more. If I recall it was also pretty pricey. But that being said, the decor was cute and it was def on my to do list.


Ha, I didn’t even know this bar existed until about a month ago. And it’s been open since last year? They did a great job advertising, ha again. This, and the eminent closure of Orchards — two huge business failures in one day. Wish these business owners would try a little harder.


“A major improvement to the neighborhood”? Says who? Mike’s European Grocery was kind of cool, and I never saw anyone in Boulevard.

Always sad to see something go out of business. That said, I something a little more welcoming and affordable takes its place.


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