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Teens Rob Sleeping Men on 7 Train Near Queensboro Plaza Early Wednesday

Two men were robbed by a group of teens after they fell asleep on a 7 train in Long Island City early Wednesday (Photos by Michael Dorgan)

March 24, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

Two men were robbed by a group of teens after they fell asleep on a 7 train in Long Island City early Wednesday morning.

The victims, aged 26 and 30, had fallen asleep while riding southbound together on the train as it approached the Queensboro Plaza subway station at around 3:45 a.m., according to the police.

The pair woke up when the 30-year-old found himself trapped in a headlock by one of the teens. The alleged muggers then stole his wallet and cell phone before swiping a pair of sunglasses from the younger man.

The victims fled the train when it pulled into the Queensboro Plaza subway station while the suspects remained on board. It is unclear where the suspects exited.

Police said there were four teens that were part of the group.

No arrests have been made and no injuries were reported.


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Somebody call a social worker!

No description of the criminals except that they are teenagers. Gee whiz, that really narrows it down.

It’s reality not Fox News or TV

They need time to pull the research and pull the video. The descriptions will come.

Where's Tiffany?

Aren’t kids nice! Future Democrat voters.
Send them to Family Court so they can rob again.
Tiffany Caban approves this message.

Gullible Republicans

Nothing like criminal Republicans who are forced to return over $25 Million to victims of a fraudulent university scam. Were the convicted criminals who wiped feces on the Capitol Democrats too?


Lol. It’s not as bad as the missing 875 million Progressive champion DiBlasio hasn’t been held accounted for, for the failed program his wife ran. Hasn’t the majority of the rioters been caught and convicted? What about the rioters who destroyed public and private property? Or the bum who wiped feces on poor woman on the subway? Being that the perps fit your agenda of social injustice they should not held be accountable? Probably not because the feces perp was let loose. Trolls like you are more concerned for his mental health than the poor woman he attacked.


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