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Teen Stabbed in Front of C-Town Supermarket in Sunnyside: NYPD

CTown Supermarket on Greenpoint Avenue (Google Maps)

Sept. 30, 2019 By Allie Griffin

A teen was stabbed in the chest in front of a Sunnyside supermarket Saturday night after getting into a dispute with two men.

The victim, a 19-year-old male, got into an argument with the men in front of C-Town Supermarket on the corner of Greenpoint Ave and 42nd Street at around 9:35 p.m. The dispute escalated into a physical fight, according to the NYPD.

The 19-year-old man told police one of the males stabbed him with an unknown object in the left side of his chest.

The perpetrators fled on foot in an unknown direction, according to the teen. The victim was taken to Elmhurst General Hospital in stable condition.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

The incident was at first mischaracterized by the Citizen App as a shooting.

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LIC Neighbor

Poor home owners on those blocks 39th and 38th streets between 50th and 48th avenues. Why couldn’t they put the shelters in borough park Brooklyn or Lawrence, LI where the owners of the shelter not-for profit syndicate live.

Khalid Mohammed

Ah yes we are heading into the same fate as democratic run cities Oakland Compton LA chitown Baltimore did I forget any?? Pays not to vote for socialist turds. Tie the hands of the police this is the end result.


the power is definitely in the people. double the rents! nothing gets thugs and their families out faster than doubled rents.


We let a democratic presidential candidate ruin NYC. Hope this is an eye opener. Democratic cities always eventually turn to crap. Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, and NYC.

Mike T

Montgomery AL, Jacksonville FL and Oklahoma City OK are all Republican cities. Fox News Propaganda never mentions those impoverished crime riddled cities.

Reinhard Schumacher

Ya’ll love socialism/communism? Its a fail idea. Look at Russia post 1991. It simply doesn’t work. And if you think that our present system of capitalism doesn’t work we don’t live in a capitalistic society. Its really corporate fascism.


You’re either being deliberately provocative or you are just ignorant. NYC is far from being ruined or even in decline. Considering that more than 2 million people are sharing 178 square miles, Queens is bound to have occasional acts of violence, especially among young men.

Violence in NYC has severely declined over the last 20 years and is NOT increasing. Mayor de Blasio is in no way responsible for the occasional act of violence committed in NYC. Mayors and governors have frequently run for office while already serving in another capacity; it’s nothing new. NYC ran smoothly during de Blasio’s long-shot but short-lived campaign.

Fan of dough boy park

If you was any more delusional you would think losing 25,000 potential jobs was a good thing. We have multiple homeless shelters in neighborhood, wouldn’t having Amazon entry level jobs been a good thing for them to join the work force? ???? Oh, wait AOC said these jobs were beneath us, so I guess just hanging out and accomplishing nothing is better? No jobs, no plans, but just having cool Twitter tweets and snarky comments and saying “ impeachment “ every 15 minutes is leadership?

Mike T

Keep peddling that Fox Propaganda.
10. Indianapolis, Indiana – 1,288.0 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 9. Cleveland, Ohio – 1,334.3 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People.8. Stockton, California – 1,352 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 7. Kansas City, Missouri – 1,654 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 6. Oakland, California – 1442.5 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 5. Baltimore, Maryland – 1,535.9 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 1,596.1 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 3. Memphis, Tennessee – 1,740.1 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 2. Detroit, Michigan – 1,759.6 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 1. St. Louis, Missouri – 1,817.1 Violent Crimes per 100,000 People. 2019 FBI Statistics
Crime Rates by US State FBI Statistics 2019. Lowest rank being safest the highest rank most dangerous.
rank State Total
1 Vermont 65.09
2 Maine 62.46
3 Massachusetts 62.03
4 Minnesota 61.78
5 New Hampshire 61.48
6 Washington 60.75
7 Connecticut 59.98
8 Rhode Island 59.65
9 Utah 59.48
10 Hawaii 58.6
11 Virginia 57.81
12 Oregon 56.12
13 New York 56.04
14 Maryland 55.82
15 New Jersey 55.09
16 Indiana 54.74
17 North Carolina 54.26
18 Iowa 54.03
19 Arizona 53.24
20 Wisconsin 52.94
21 California 52.20
22 Pennsylvania 51.73
23 Ohio 51.62
24 Idaho 51.21
25 Delaware 51.17
26 Illinois 51.07
27 Kentucky 50.31
28 Michigan 50.19
29 Colorado 50.08
30 Nevada 49.43
31 West Virginia 49.06
32 Georgia 47.92
33 Wyoming 47.30
34 Nebraska 46.98
35 Tennessee 46.85
36 New Mexico 45.98
37 Kansas 45.21
38 Alaska 45.04
39 North Dakota 44.53
40 Alabama 43.52
41 Texas 43.08
42 Florida 41.36
43 South Dakota 41.04
44 Montana 40.60
45 Arkansas 40.02
46 Missouri 39.90
47 South Carolina 39.21
48 Oklahoma 38.11
49 Louisiana 35.73
50 Mississippi 30.70
The safest are almost exclusively Democrat and the worst almost exclusively Republican.


Most of the crime in red states is committed in Democrat controlled urban areas.Nice try Mr T.


Yes Dave and most of the meth flowing into those cities in red states and blue states come from the Republican controlled rural areas. Fact! The opioid epidemic is hitting “Red” America the hardest. Read up on “Red” Scott County Indiana. The violent-crime rate in rural areas rose above the national average for the first time in a decade, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though cities on average have a higher violent crime rate than rural areas, large metropolitan areas are safer than they have been in decades, while some small communities are getting more dangerous. Fox News has misinformed you once again.


Gentrification is leading to dispersal of crime from large cities to there suburbs .I’m sure you know what gentrification is… wouldn’t be here without it.

Sunnyside Resident

@Dave- Crime has historically been much higher in the Mississippi Delta. Appalachia and Rockies than cities and other regions. The only part of your post with any validity is gentrification of some areas of Brooklyn have recently led to an increase of criminal activity in some communities in the Pocono Mountains. Why is it people with the least knowledge on a topic feel it’s ok to attack people on a personal level?

Robert mapplethorpe

You hit it on the button Chicago Baltimore LA ect ect is demorat controlled !!


@Maple: And you hit a point Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas are all Republican controlled.

sunnyside nights

Four homeless shelters within a 5 min walk, mostly in Blissville
They walk up Greenpoint and hang out in the park, buy snacks at c town, blast music and walk in a pack hootin n hollerin back to the shelter at night. Some women with newborn babies in their arms and others with 2 or 3 kids hanging off the stroller. There’s no bliss in Blissville.

Critic Al

Who do your readers want to blame this time? The homeless? Minorities? Illegal aliens? AOC? Caban? JVB?

Fan of Dough Boy Park

The people who are responsible, that’s who we blame. It’s called dealing with reality. Should we blame innocent people ? Does that work? Does that make things better, ignoring reality and enabling the dregs of society ?


Ah. So it’s not whoever did the stabbing, it’s : The homeless, Minorities, Illegal aliens, AOC, Caban, and last but certainly not least in your mind, JVB.


Crime has definitely increased since the 4 shelters have been crammed into Sunnyside. Including the male sex offender residence that a lot of people still don’t seem to realize is on Greenpoint Ave. Millionaire part-time LIC residents are getting new parks, tax abatements, and east side access to the LIRR. Sunnyside is getting hundreds of homeless, including violent, untreated drug addicts and the mentally ill. Bet that won’t be featured in the new sitcom. Not really the support for the working class v. wealthy tale that DeBlasio tells.


Citizen app is toxic.
However, it would be great if 108 released the camera footage from numerous stores in that block with cameras. Not 1 month later, though..

The Instigator

It’s worth noting people who enter Elmhurst Hospital in Stable Condition generally leave the hospital in Critical condition


Check the old Red Roof Inn behind St. Rafael near the LIE. I’ve seen people from that place toss garbage cans into the street and break mirrors on parked cars. Violent unruly residents and visitors associated with this dump it needs to shuttered. Thank DeBlasio.

Food Bazaar is classier.

With all due respect, crown IS NOT known as a high end establishment. You get what you pay for.


Please keep reporting these, with enough report, 108 will eventually complain to necessary places or take better action if it bothers them. How come politician can decide they want to dump their problems on us when they don’t live here. People were so preoccupied with bike lanes, politicians unloaded “homeless” people in sunnyside and vicinity.

jvb camera ho

there are also constant drug deal out the 39th st / 50th ave side entrance of the new construction grey box building . two guys outside with cell phones selling to a drive through of high end cars all day long.


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