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Illegal Signs Pop Up in Sunnyside

Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 20, 2010 By Christian Murray

Illegal signage is being erected throughout the Sunnyside neighborhood by psychics and auto buyers.

Three signs in the heart of the business district have been nailed to trees/lampposts by a psychic named Christina. The signs read: “Psychic Tarot Card & Palm Readings” and provide a phone number. However, the cellular number provided was not in order; it had been disconnected.

Local resident Jimmy Woods was perturbed by the advertising. “I don’t believe anyone has the right to drive nails in trees.” Furthermore, Woods said, “This is advertising overload…when will people stop.”

Photo: QueensPost

The signs are more than 8 feet high – and most likely require a ladder to be erected. The three are located in the following spots: 46th Street (between Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Ave); 46th Street (between Greenpoint Ave. and 47th Ave.— across from Bank of America); and Greenpoint Ave (between 46th and 47th Streets—next to Rite Aid).

Christina was tracked down because of a billboard that was placed at the entrance to the 46th Street subway stop, which provided a different phone number. She said she had not done anything wrong by putting up the signs. “Everyone else is putting them up.”

However, Joseph Conley, chairman of Community Board 2, said these signs are NOT legal and that these signs will be taken down. Furthermore, the individual who put them up is subject to receiving a summons.

Conley also said that the billboard at the 46th street subway stop is illegal too.

Photo: QueensPost

Local residents should call Community Board 2 when they see questionable signage and the signs will be removed. The number is: (718)-533-8773

There are other illegal signs in the neighborhood. On 43rd Street, between 43rd Ave. and Queens Blvd there is a solicitation for “cash for any car.”

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