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Taxi Crashes into Cyclist in Fatal Incident

Photo: QueensPost

April 5, 2012 Staff Report

A man riding a bicycle was fatally struck by a taxi in Queens early this morning, cops said.

The accident occurred in Sunnyside on Greenpoint Avenue near Borden Avenue at 5:09 a.m.

The bicyclist was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No criminality is suspected, cops said.

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Just Looking

I’m sorry, SWS, but have you been smoking something funny? Cars an old idea? Think a little. Cars come from carriages come from carts–root word, “to carry.” The internal combustion engine may have outlived its usefulness, but not the car. A bike is a vehicle to carry, also, it just uses an ancient form of power, muscles.


I can’t imagine giving up my bicycle. Some drivers contribute way too much to the dangerous side of all of these cars. It will be so great as people begin to get rid of them and move forward into the present. Cars are an old idea, and they are more trouble than they’re worth.

John K. Wilson

This is a terrible thing, this fatality; awful for all concerned. However, it isn’t much of a surprise: bikes and traffic (on the major roads flowing towards Manhattan, especially) in Queens are not compatible, in my opinion. Cycling was my major mode of transportation in Manhattan in the 1980’s; but, I wouldn’t ride here (and not just because I’m older); these Bike Paths are confusing and stressful for cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians (I have observed). I wouldn’t forbid cycling; but, in my opinion, the tax $’s spent on the Paths and the sidewalk bike-racks were poorly spent.
Be careful out there….


What was the situation, was it at a red light, crossing or another one of those idiot 8mph bikers in the center of the road because he can or 60mph cab? Whatever the case is, it’s sad to see someone get killed like this.


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