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T Mobile Ameritel Wireless to Close

Closing at the end of 2011 (Photo: QueensPost)

Dec. 21, 2011 Staff Report

The T-Mobile dealership located at 41-25 Queens Blvd. will be closing at the end of the year.

The business, which has been in operation for a little over a year, took over from MovieBank.

Real estate agents are already searching for new tenants.  The figures the landlord is asking:

  • Rent $3,200 per month plus portion of real estate taxes and water.
  • Approximately 600-700 Square feet.
  • Tenant pays for one month’s rent, 2 months security deposit and a broker’s fee
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Angray – you should take a look at Roosevelt Ave going into Jackson Heights and see the diversity of stores that are there, including bookstores, including record stores. These stores work because they cater to the ethnic communities. People need to be a bit more open minded.

Regarding payment/servicing centers, both Verizon and Time Warner both offer these centers already; it is actually cheaper for them. Go to Queens Center Mall and check out the Time Warner center and you can tell me it doesn’t work.

P & B

So many ideas- how about a gallery with local art and crafts. Vintage clothes and small furniture pieces. Custom frame shop with original artwork for sale. Toy store? Special craft beer store?


Actually, vinyl records are making a comeback in some circles. I bet you could find a record shop doing well in certain parts of Brooklyn. BUT you have to be really good, and offer a good selection…consider that Bleecker Bob’s in the Village is still in business. A store combined with performance space IS a good idea but then you had better get smart about marketing, and find good performers–the ones that do well are able to attract visitors from beyond the immediate neighborhood. I’m not sure it can be done in Sunnyside, however.


Rook – Can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, but you managed to name some of the worst businesses possible. Records are obsolete like bookstores. A payment center?! Really?! I’m sure Verizon or Time Warner would love to do this charity work and lose money to drive traffic to nearby locations. Write them about it.


I think a bookstore could work if it was combined with something else like a record store. Something international that would attract the wider community would be essential.

The space is too small to do much. I actually think a payment center, like Time Warner or Verizon would be good for the space (or any space on Queens Blvd). It would attract a lot of foot traffic, which would help nearby stores.


It is a shame that the services that we need cannot afford to open on the bvd… we must hid them on 43ave or 47 or 48 ave.. a book store could open on the south side of the blvd… but with no advertising it would die..I am thinkng of starting a non profit to help with ads for our town so I can get money to help our town advertise… look at the herald everyweek.. how many ads do they run…. this blog has more ads than they do … what is wrong with this picture…. are our stores cheap or is there no money or does does not work… I wonder…

How about a lawyers offce for t-moble.. or a jean store or a bakery… or a nook.. book strore.. any other ideas.. how about party supplies and invitation.. like a printer or office supplies


Re: evolution. Bookstores are obsolete., BarnesNoble/Nook and libraries have all but eliminated the ability for a local store to compete.


As for the terms on this property – that is ridiculous. A portion of the taxes & water? Before even opening the door you’ve invested $12k+ for a tiny 600sqft closet.


Clyde, would you consider a storefront on 47th or 48th Avenue for your bookstore? Maybe the Queens Boulevard landlords are right about a bookstore not moving enough goods to afford the rent there. But I believe some of the more creative types lives south of QB because of the (relatively) lower rent, and that the strip of stores near De Mole would be perfect for a few modern storefronts, vintage clothes, a cool little bar, stuff like that.

I feel the same about 43rd Avenue between 48th and 50th streets. Several vacant storefronts, likely cheaper than Queens Boulevard or Skillman Ave rents.

struggling artist

Sure, there may be artists in the community but most are not exactly flush with funds.
Therefore the artists are looking for deals like everyone else. Those deals come through not independent stores. It’s a shame.


Nancy, I have wanted to open a really good bookstore or gallery/concert venue in one of the vacant spaces on Queens Blvd. for years. The problem, at least for me, is that the rents are steep and landlords in the area don’t seem to be too keen on renting out spaces for anything that isn’t a franchise. I approached the landlord of this space when the Movie Bank closed and he basically laughed at me. This is a shame given that there are many fine musicians, artists and academics living in Sunnyside who would LOVE a really good bookstore or a place to perform and hang their work.


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