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Suspect Remains At Large Following Brutal Killing of Forest Hills Woman Found Stuffed Inside Duffel Bag

Orsolya Gaal (L) was fatally stabbed in Forest Hills (R) over the weekend. A blood trail led to her Forest Hills home (Photos: Facebook and Google Maps)

April 18, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

Police are still trying to piece together how a woman was fatally stabbed and stuffed in a bag that was left on the side of a road in Forest Hills Saturday morning.

The body of Orsolya Gaal, 51, was found by police crammed into a large duffel bag and discarded on Metropolitan Avenue near the Jackie Robinson Parkway overpass at around 8:10 a.m., according to police. Cops came across the gruesome discovery after a resident called 911 having found the bag while taking his dogs on a walk.

As of Monday afternoon, no arrests have been made in the case while the suspect remains at large.

Gaal, who was married with two teenage boys, was brutally stabbed nearly 60 times inside her home on Juno Street late Friday night or early Saturday, according to multiple reports. Her body was then jammed into a bag and dumped on a sidewalk less than half a mile away.

Puncture wounds were found on Gaal’s carotid artery and trachea, the news reports say, citing sources with knowledge of her autopsy. She also had knife wounds on her fingers and on the palms of her hands. It did not immediately appear that Gaal suffered any sexual trauma, according to the reports.

Police said there was a blood trail that led from her 72-24 Juno St. house to where the bag was found. CCTV footage captured a mysterious figure lugging the bag with Gaal’s body down a street at around 4:30 a.m., according to police.

Gaal was killed at her home at 72-24 Juno St. last weekend before being stuffed into a duffle bag and dumped on the side of the road on Metropolitan Avenue near the Jackie Robinson Parkway overpass, pictured (Photo: Google Maps).

When investigators got to the house on Saturday, Gaal’s 13-year-old son was inside. He was taken into custody and interviewed but later released, police said.

Police do not believe the boy had left the house overnight, the New York Post reported, during which time his mother was killed and her body moved. Her son said he did not know where his mother was when quizzed by cops, the publication reported.

The slain mom, who is originally from Hungary, had been out socializing and returned home before midnight. At some point while out, she met up with a man whom she was familiar with, PIX11 reported. The man is believed to have played a role in her murder, according to the news outlet.

Gaal, who was a stay-at-home mother, was married to Howard Klein and the couple had two sons—the older of which is 17. Klein and the 17-year-old were in Portland on a college hunt at the time of the murder, according to PIX11.

Gaal’s husband allegedly received a chilling text message from the killer via his wife’s phone that read:  “Your whole family is next.” It is unclear what time the text message was sent.

The suspect allegedly accused Gaal of sending him to jail years ago and threatened to kill the entire family if he called the police.

Klein has reportedly flown back from Portland and told the New York Post Saturday that his family is in danger.

“[My son] Leo is safe. Thank God [my son] is safe,” he said of his younger child, before adding that his family’s “lives are at stake.”

Klein did not answer when asked about his younger son being questioned by police, the publication reported.

“There are concerns about our safety,” Klein said. “Our lives are at risk.”

He did not elaborate on the alleged threats.

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I'm thinking

Hubby hired a hitman.

A thirteen year old would have no way of getting a duffle bag to the place where they found her.


Yes very sad for the whole family, especially the kids. Not sure what must be worse, being at home like the 13 year old or being away looking at colleges, thinking about the next stage of life, and then finding out about this tragedy. Many online are speculating that the suspect released on video looks short and young. Very sad if the young son did it.


The cancer of violence will continue to spread from neighborhood to adjoining neighborhood if policing is not returned to normal. Any one thinking of committing a crime should have anxiety of knowing they will be caught immediately instead of having this care-free ” no cop gives a crap ” attitude. Get to work Mr.Mayor…………………….the voters are watching!

Gullible Republicans believe in myths fairytales and conspiracy theories

Jo- You obviously know nothing about the vast nature of crimes or criminal psychology. Random acts of violence have absolutely no kinship to crimes of passion except for the component of violence. Would you have said what you stated in the above comment 40 years ago about the Martha Mickey murder in Greenwhich Conn.?


Sounds like a new Law & Order episode this fall. Ripped from the headlines. Or quite possibly a Lifetime movie. All depends on who the suspect turns out to be and his background.

Lt Arthur Fancy

Don’t get all hotheaded. We have to be smart about this. The hot little DA is looking to cut a plea bargain deal.

Look, I know you guys are feeling lots of emotions right now. We all are. Put them aside. Work the case. I’ve got you back.

Det. John Kelly

Me and Andy seen a thousand perps just like this dirtbag. He ain’t gonna get away with this, even if it means I have to surrender my shield.

Julia Lewis

“Concerns for our safety. Our lives are at risk” Is that what you say when your wife’s body has been discovered chopped to pieces in a sports bag?
Something is fishy. The son remained on the third floor and heard nothing during the night? The dog never barked to alert anyone? The deceased fibbed about where she was going and who she was to be with? Lots of secrets to be shared which will help solve the murder.


There’s sadly probably more to the story that the family knows about. I’ll check it out once it’s get a Netflix series.

Andy Sipowicz

The husband. He’s involved and I’m gonna prove it within the next 45 minutes. Get me Medavoy and that kid from anti crime.

Captain Wallace

You’re too close to the case Andy. I’m taking you off the case. Turn in your gun and badge.

Not the reform this time

No, not this time. Too bad you can’t see the difference with other cases, it’s rather obvious.


My advice is to stop reading the New York Post, one of the worst perpetrators of class war.

They bait and switch working class people with “if it bleeds it leads” and culture war crap and then argue for political and economic policies that will hurt the working class.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the right-wing playbook: Get people angry and scared, then push policies that help their rich owners at the expense of working class and poor people.

Tired of weak minded cult members

Anonymous- Are you feel? Everything in that comment is fact!


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