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Sunnyside’s Radio Shack is Not Closing–at Least in the Short Term

Radio Shack-sunnyside

Feb. 9, 2015 By Christian Murray

The Radio Shack stores located in western Queens are not closing—at least in the short term;

As part of Radio Shack’s filing for bankruptcy, it announced that it would close about 1,800 of its 4000 stores by March 31.

The three stores in Astoria, one in Woodside and another in Sunnyside were not among the 1,800 closures.

Most of the surviving stores, as part of the bankruptcy agreement with Sprint, will become “stores within a store.” The Sprint name would be the primary brand on each storefront.

Sprint said it would keep about 1,750 locations going forward.

Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy on Feb. 5 and provided a list of the stores it is closing.

The following five stores were NOT on that list.

28-54 Steinway Street
22-32 31st Street.
21-07 Broadway
62-17 Roosevelt Ave.
45-02 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside
For the full list of closures, see below.

RadioShack Store Closures

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There is still a Radio Shack in Sunnyside? It actually sounds about right. Maybe a Hollywood Video will move into the space when they leave.


This will be no loss. Whenever I tried shopping there, they either didn’t have the item or were out of stock.

El loco

This is the one store that i wish would close. This neighborhood is in terrible shape. And by the way i was under the arch on 46th street and Luke Adams Plaza. Why doesn’t Sunnyside light up. Maybe Cathy Nolan could secure funding for that. It would be her legacy.


so your answer for fixing a neighborhood in terrible shape is tear down another business ? you probably want a brookstone instead

South Side Johnny

I’ve gone in there a few times and have had satisfaction. My impression is that there’s an effort going on to provide service with a smile. No complaints and I’m glad they’re not closing.


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