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Sunnyside Eyesore to get Upgrade

March 27, 2010 Staff Report

Key Food, on 46th Street, is finally getting that long-promised upgrade.

On Saturday, workers were erecting scaffolding around the perimeter of the store as the revamp began. The vacant portion of the store will be incorporated into the main section.

Store manager, Raide Zahriyeh, said the entire project should be completed by November. He said the interior will be overhauled, too.

Residents have long complained that the store is ugly and detracts from the vitality of the neighborhood. Half of the store has been left vacant, with the exterior covered by concrete, wood planks and graffiti.

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its nice they are finally getting this done, but you have to wonder if it’s only happening in response to the work being finished up at Associated. If they didn’t have to keep up with the competition, I’m guessing this would have stayed a vacant eyesore.

And I agree w. the prior poster, Key could use some cashiers that actually give a crap and don’t insist on throwing your items into the bag.

We can do better

It’s about time, but what would be even better would be cashiers that aren’t as surly and stopping the practice of using more plastic bags than really necessary and practically throwing them at you. Meat that isn’t spoiled and better quality fresh vegetables and fruit would also be a good idea. There is not one single supermarket in this area that doesn’t fill me with dread–Stop & Shop being the only one that is somewhat decent.


This is nice, but 2 Key Foods so close together (one on Skillman and 51). Why can’t Trader Joe’s open a store in our hood? I think it would be a smash hit!


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