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Sunnyside’s Gas Stations Draw a Big Crowd

Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 3, 2012 By Bill Parry

Electrical outages and dwindling supplies have closed over half of the gas stations in the city. The Gulf station at Skillman Ave. and 39th St. ran out of fuel on Wednesday at 5pm and resupply won’t occur until Tuesday at the earliest.

A worker named Radek explained that the station’s distributor is without power and is under water. “The depot is in Greenpoint [by Newtown creek] and it got flooded.”

On Saturday, federal and state authorities said that they would move more gasoline to the tri-state area. The Department of Defense will be providing tanker trucks that deliver eight million gallons– and more on the way.

However, until relief takes effect, gas lines remain a way of life for motorists and this area has become a destination because of two Hess stations.

Cars lined up on 39th Street for the Hess Station at 39-02 Queens Blvd and continued all the way across to 47th Ave. and up to 48th Street.

Marian Iacob, from Astoria, got on line at 48th St. after hearing from friends that the station was operating. “It took me three hours to move seven blocks,” she said adding that, “I’ve missed three days of work just looking for gas.”

Basar Tas, of Sunnyside, said: “I’ve waited three hours already but there’s no choice,” adding that “for all this and you only get $40 worth.”

On the other side of the station, hundreds of people waited on a line that went several blocks east on Queens Blvd. waiting to fill canisters. Dean from Astoria waited on line for two hours. “I just need enough for my car so I can find a real gas station with a proper line.”

A dozen police officers from the 108th Precinct tried to keep the peace and several said that pushing and shoving had broken out several times throughout the afternoon.

The same scenario played out at the Hess Station at Northern Blvd. with the gas line backing up 39th Street and east on Skillman Ave. and up on to 43rd Street. Karen from Glendale saw a line and jumped on it, “I don’t even know what station I’m waiting for. If I get $20 worth I’ll be happy, I’m not greedy.”

Yellow cabs made up a large percentage of waiting cars.

“The cab companies are out of gas so we have to fend for ourselves,” said Mohmmad Sarder of Woodside. “I’ve waited four hours just to fill the tank for the guy on the next shift. Hopefully he’ll refill it or I’ll be miserable tomorrow.”

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Something tells me some people are hoarding it. Or just jumping on the “omg what if there is no gas anymore” bandwagon. Tell people they’ll be no milk delivered for a week and it will fly off the shelves in minutes. This just makes things worse for people who really need it. Trains and buses are up and running at this point, well almost all. Fingers crossed this madness gets better soon. Sandy…you did us wrong in so many ways.


I don’t understand why, when we are having a gas crisis, people aren’t trying to take public transportation (I know it was down and a nightmare last week) or walking to where they need to go. Can’t people just leave their cars parked for a few days?


Anywhere there’s a gas station the line is insane! As someone else put it, it stressful for those living by this or even if you have gas to get around you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam by a gas station. Can’t wait for this madness to be over. Things could be worse though people lost all they had 🙁


When we begin to run out of this resource, it would be good to know who wasted it. All these cars with just one person, that’s who.

bronco bamma

roxy, yeah, I saw a couple guys, they were waiting and waiting and must have run low on fuel so they were siphoning a parked car. or maybe looking to pass some time and see if they can do it.
One chick was delivering hot food carside, man itd been cool if she was on roller skates and hot pants


The corner QB station next to Pete’s Grill has had bumper-to-bumper lines on 47th Avenue since mid-week, 24 hours per day. I can’t understand why the gas hasn’t run out by now. Where is the station getting it from? The waiting lines have completely destroyed the sanity of people living along the route. Horns honking, radios blasting, drivers often getting into fights over priority. Police cars seldom pass by to keep the peace.

bronco bamma

what do hundreds of people do with one gallon of gas in a can, dont get it
filling a lawnmower?


This is very normal in third world countries that produce oil. No gas,no electricity. We live so that others may suffer


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