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Sunnyside’s Farmers’ Market Opens Next Saturday

Sunnyside Farmers Market (Photo: SunnysidePost)

May 4, 2014 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside’s Greenmarket is opening next Saturday, one month earlier than it did last year.

The market, which operates outside Lou Lodati Park on Skillman Avenue (btw. 42nd and 43rd Streets), will open for the season on May 10, according to GrowNYC. It will run every Saturday from 8am to 3pm through December 20.

The market is opening a month earlier this year “due to overwhelming demand from neighborhood shoppers,” according to GrowNYC in statement.

This season, GrowNYC  will be collecting food scraps for composting every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Residents will also be able to recycle textiles & rechargeable batteries.

The following farmers are participating:

  • American Seafood Wild-caught fish and shellfish from Suffolk County, NY
  • Ballards Honey Honey from Delaware County, NY
  • Breezy Hill Orchards Pears, apples, cider & baked goods from Dutchess County, NY
  • Dipaola Turkey Turkey from Mercer County, NJ
  • Gajeski Farm A variety of vegetables from Suffolk County, NY
  • Gonzalez Farm Vegetables, Mexican specialty products, and strawberries from Orange County, NY
  • Goodale Farms Milk and dairy from Suffolk County, NY
  • Hot Bread Kitchen Multi-ethnic artisan breads and tortillas from New York County, NY
  • King Ferry Winery Premium wines from Cayuga County, NY
  • Knoll Krest Farm Eggs and chicken from Dutchess County, NY
  • Meredith’s Bakery Baked goods from Ulster County, NY
  • Millport Dairy Cheese and baked goods from Lancaster County, PA
  • Nolasco’s Farm Vegetables from Warren County, NJ
  • Rising Sun Farm Grass fed beef, chicken and pork from Washington County, NY
  • Toigo Orchards Orchard fruit from Cumberland County, PA
  • W. Rogowski Farm Certified Naturally Grown vegetables from Orange County, NY
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South Side Johnny

I think Ruben Kincaid is having a conversation with herself. Probably using different voices, too.


Should be an interesting early Saturday morning coming up. The parking signs read that there’s no parking on Skillman from June to December. Either the market trucks will be double parked on the street, or cars will be towed from Skillman Ave (and ticketed also?). Reminiscent of what happened a couple of years ago when the market ended in early December but cars were ticketed through December even though the market wasn’t there.


Ruben- we know that you know that no one wants to hear your version of the truth. Yet you are here?? This problem with you goes on for years now, yet only you haven’t learned. Maybe you are so lonely?


I am very much looking forward to the early start! This is fantastic. Fresh produce 1 month in my neighbourhood 1 month earlier than planned.


My comments don’t violate anything, people just don’t want to hear the truth.

I stated a fact. That the people in this neighborhood want to spend their money on these traveling nomadic overrated farmers markets than spend money in their own community. The suckers think that spending money on vegetables that have dirt is somehow better than what you can get in the other stores. It’s not…it’s just not cleaned for you that’s all.

I also stated that the market doesn’t have anything really unique , the jellies can be found in stop and shop. I would have preferred it if they had foods made from their own homes, Like the market by 34th st Macy’s . Good stuff there.

The owner of this site is just jealous that my name gets more mention than his when they do their political schmoozing . HA!


I love the farmer’s market, and and very happy it is coming back earlier than last year but I did want to point out (based on comments above) that just because fruit and vegetables are coming from a local farm doesn’t mean the food is organic.


Love this Farmer’s Market and I go to it regularly. It’s a bit pricey, but not compared to organic products in the grocery store.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

I need to pick me up some more Kramden’s Delicious Marshall. i hope some sells it there.


Moderator of this site blocks all comments that he doesn’t like, what a shill. This site is only to rub elbows and kiss the ass of sunnyside movers and shakers. pathetic

Concerned Hipster

Damn! No Brooklyn Lil’ Pickle Co. Denied once again! Maybe next year…

Celtic Bark


That’s sad they are stopping the composting program at the library. Every week they’d have a bunch of barrels packed with biodegradable waste. It was a huge success.


A Sunnyside tradition that never gets old. I can’t wait till next Saturday. It’s surprising that the market is starting a month early.

Lucky Lu

I’m very excited that the market is opening earlier in the season. I will definitely be there!

Dorothy Morehead

The prices are not bad for organic products. Costco has been adding organic products and their prices are unbeatable but the selection is somewhat limited and the size of the packages can be too large for singles or small families. We had farmers in my family through my generation and one of the great pleasures in life is spooning the cream from the top of fresh, whole milk. The only place I know to get that kind of milk is the farmers market. I can’t wait!

Dawn O'Day

They collect food scraps on weekends at the foot of 50th St. and Barnett Avenue.


Do you have any more information about this composting such as hours and what the specific location is?


I shopped there last summer- kind of pricey but whatever. If I were using food stamps, it’s not the first place I would think to shop. Someone sounds like a grinch.


Good to hear this. I was informed that the biodegradable recycling program is being terminated at the end of the month and food scraps will no longer be collected at the Sunnyside library Saturday mornings. There was so much participation, too. Glad to have this excuse to bike over to the Farmer’s Market.


The only reason these farmer markets pop up are for the poor who pay with food stamps


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