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Sunnyside’s Dog Run to be Closed Next Week

Photo: QueensPost

May 31, 2014 By Christian Murray

The dog run at Lou Lodati Park will be closed next week for repairs.

The popular dog run, located at Skillman Avenue and 44th Street, will be closed Monday (June 2) through Friday (June 7) in order for the existing surface to be repaved.

Rick Duro, president of the Sunnyside United Dog Society, said the surface started to chip away shortly after the dog run first opened 11 months ago and it has deteriorated since.

Duro, who was instrumental in seeing the dog run come to the neighborhood, said the contractor who did the job guaranteed the work for the year—so he is required to come back and fix it without charge to taxpayers.

The dog run will be closed for five days since the contractor needs several days of dry weather in order to do the job. Duro said it could take longer than the 5 days, although he was hopeful that would not be the case.

Duro said SUDS is happy with the type of surface that has been put down—known as cool pavement surface– and believes that its normal life expectancy is about 2 to 3 years.

Other surfaces, Duro said, such as wood chips get dirty and can harbor disease.

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Rick Duro


I do a lot of work with rescue groups. While yours did its due diligence, most of them DO NOT. Thus, many of these dogs end up BACK in the shelter system, but now in NYC, as opposed to a southern state.

So, what happens is more dogs end up on death row in NYC because they get flooded with dogs brought up from the South. Properly vetting an owner means doing: house visit, calling landlord, vet, looking into what kind of time they have for the animal, etc etc. It seems like a lot of work, but nothing is worse for a dog than to be recycled back into the shelter system.

One of the worse offenders is North Shore Animal League. They often refuse to take back dogs that have issues like aggression, food issues, medical issues, separation anxiety, so people dump them @ a shelter. Shelters in the tri-state area have lots of NSAL dogs….



Increase the happy years of yohr dog by checking out my free e-book.
The actual training of the dog can be done by anyone,
the trainer, owner, or a friend. Using a harsh tone or
scolding a dog will only leve them feeling unwanted or rejected.

Sara Lee

I don’t think it should matter that dogs are brought up from the south, for whatever reason. Finding them good, responsible homes is all that matters. My husband and I adopted a dog from a well known local rescue group and they sometimes do pull from high kill shelters in the south. Our dog was fostered in Connecticut, where we drove to meet him, but he’s originally from Tennessee. We passed all the references checks, we own our apartment, make enough money to afford our dog and had a home check by the rescue group. If another couple could be as happy as we are with our dog, isn’t that all that matters?

Rick Duro

Ms. Morehead,

I will spread the word to our SUDS army. Between email list and fb we have over 500 people:)



I thought they were putting in new surface in preparation for Queens Soccer World Cup! Teams from Jackson Heights, Corona, Sunnyside South, etc all battling it out each weekend for the most coveted trophy in world soccer!! Lol



It’s a fact. But, not as you wrote it here. Northeast Rescue Groups rescue dogs from Southern Shelters and Southern Rescue Groups and truck them up North

Here is one of many articles-

I’m all for rescuing any animal, but these groups are enabling Southern states to not address their stray/shelter animal issues.



See the soccer guys are back in force and taking over the place again. NICE!!

Dorothy Morehead

@ Rick Duro My niece loves the dog run, as does Lola, her shy mixed breed dog. It would be helpful to have as many people who love the dog run come to the Community Board 2 meeting on Thursday to oppose the Fire Department’s acquisition of the adjoining property on 43rd St.

Dorothy Morehead

@ South Side. The trees along 43rd St between Skillman and 43rd Aves. (the short ones with small leaves) are honey locust. The city is trying to diversify the types of trees it plants to prevent the devastation of a species die-off, as happened with Dutch Elm Disease which decimated trees throughout the US. It is costly to remove and replace street trees so city arborists look for species which survive best under difficult conditions–drought, salt, constricted roots–and frequently choose non-natives such as the honey locust. Not only does it meet those criteria, its small leaves don’t clog sewer grates–they just disappear.
Re using Locust Street as your address, good luck with the post office!

South Side Johnny

Petey, can we please focus on the topic at hand, which is the dog run being closed for a week?

I will admit, though, that your claim that “southern municipalities” are shipping their stray dogs north is fascinating.

Rays Original Famous Hipsta Thugg

Another bunch of Hipsta Thugg fakes just rying to tick you all off.
The original never said the above comments.

Im all for fixing this place but would prefer it be for puppies only. Kind of like the Puppy Channel but live. I’m not afraid to be a guy and say it, love live puppy action! The fluffier the better!

too many lazy humans

Throw your trash away. If you cant find a garbage can, carry the few ounces of trash you have until you find one. People leave food refuse all around the benches on 43rd ave along the park when there are cans just a few feet away. I see it every morning on my walk. These same dolts will then complain that we have rats.

Parents, your seed is your responsibility, clean up after them. Teach them to throw away their trash. It’s not that difficult. Be civic minded. That playground looks like a bomb hit it by the end of the day.

dog owners, pick up after your pooches, most do, but the 10% that dont make everyone else look bad.

Food, trash, poo, c’mon people!



from the Little Rascals was a pitbull….

Breed specific legislation is so moronic, it’s beyond absurd.

Here is what will happen to all the reactionary municipalities that have banned pits: A new IT dog will emerge, another big, strong dog, and fill the void. Plain and simple.

The same aholes that treated the pit like a weapon to make themselves look ‘bad’ will then do what they have always done, and then the Rottie will get banned, then the German Shepherd, then the Doberman, then the Husky, the list goes on and on. Thus, it doesnt solve the problem. Small dogs are responsible for more bites, should we then ban them too? Yes, of course they couldnt do as much damage, but sometimes psychological damage is just as bad.

People kill with weapons (guns are still legal), cars (still legal)…. alcohol & cigs kill (still legal)…prohibition never solves the problem, history has shown that repeatedly.

Municiplalities need better enforcement of licensing. All dogs, unless they are for show, should be fixed. That is where most dog fight begin. Enough of the macho BS, get the damn dog fixed, it’s safer for everyone. The dog wont know his nuts are gone. The testosterone is what causes the fights. Also, it leads to fewer unwanted pups.

The ASPCA,Animal Control, Mayor’s Alliance and many rescue groups also need to do a better job in vetting dogs and future owners. They really are terrible at it. NO dog should be adopted w/o a mental/physical exam to test if it should be adopted. NO owner should walk away from an adoption event with a dog b4 the owner has their references checked/landlord ok’s it, etc, otherwise dogs end up back at the shelter. This happens all the time, North Shore Animal League is one of the worst violators, as are the rescue groups that bring, literally, 100’s of dogs from down South to the NYC each week, profiting off of them along the way. Many of these dogs end up back in an already inundated shelter system. We already have TONS of dogs in our NYC shelter system that need homes, we dont need more.

We need to stop enabling Southern Munipalities, in their minds they dont need to address their stray dog problems because the people up North will deal with it.


The Grimster

Now if we could only get the parents to clean up after there lovely chldren i see much more garbage from humans than any waste from the Dogs.

phyllis taiano

Can we please remain on the topic at hand, which is the dog run, being closed for the week.

Pitbulls are a loyal breed, faithful and dedicated to their human. Their behaviour, is indictive to how they are raised and trained (just like a child). Don’t blame the breed, blame the human, like most things in life, its lack of knowledge and experience in how to nurture.

I’ve been at the run a handful of times, it is a peacefull environment.

Phyllis Taiano
Four Paws Sake, NYC

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

I think pit bulls should be banned. It’s only a matter of time before one of those beasts mauls another dog or human being at the dog run. I like dogs but this breed was bred specifically to be aggressive. It’s in their DNA and I don’t care how well they are treated, they are powerful 4 legged weapons.

There are lions and tigers that are well trained and docile too but if I saw one coming down the street, I’d GTF away in a hurry. No telling when they’ll revert to form.

Rick Duro

Lucky Lu,

Pitbulls are not prohibited from the run. They are in there all day long. Some of my fav dogs in the run are pits:)

Thus, of course you are welcome to bring your dog to the run. There is nothing posted w/i the run, on our webpage, fb, etc that says that pits are banned, so I’m not sure where you are getting your info. Pits are great dogs, but like any other dog, regardless of size, they must be properly trained. Fixing dogs is important, as it leads to fights, especially amongst the larger, stronger breeds.

Here is what is prohibited from the run:

all aggressive dogs, metal choke collars, dogs in heat, people w/o dogs, kids under 13 w/o their parent and a dog, food, excessive barking, people who dont pick up after their pets or pay attention to them when they are inside the space.

If your dog is aggressive, then, yes, keep it out of the run. Dog runs are not for every dog, but through training it can become a great release for their energy. If your dog gets into a fight w/i the run it must immediately be removed to cool down, exchange info with the other owners before leaving, in case there is an injury.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us @ [email protected]

Rick Duro

Preschool Teacher

The dog park rules! I’m so happy to have a dog in my life right now to take there. It is the best example of a community coming together for a great cause. Between that and the Farmers’ Market, I cry every Saturday for my dead mother who would have enjoyed it so much!!


Kids have a lot of places to to run around and have fun:
Lawrence Virgilio Playground
Lance Corporal Thomas P Noonan Playground ( they are redoing it and should be open soon)
P.S. 199 Maurice A Fitzgerald (that was redone last year)
P.S. 150Q, has a nice playground
Sunnyside Garden Park (if you are the lucky few)
Torsney Playground

Am I missing something?

Rick Duro

Thank you so much for the kind words, South Side Johnny:) it truly means a lot. Quite a bit of time and effort went into that run, for the better part of a decade, and SUDS aims to keep it a positive, safe and clean part of our ‘hood. We aren’t perfect, we have work to do there, things to accomplish, we can always be better. Thinking back over the decade that it took to realize our goal, it brings great joy to me to watch others enjoying it, both human and canine alike. To me, that’s the reward:)


Bunch of complainers…get off your couch & go make it happen if you want to make a positive change. This world is a much better place with dogs and animals in it & I would bet that almost all of the dogs in the dog run have responsible owners that clean up most of the stuff that comes out of the mouths of the people posting above.

IF you read the article, you would’ve seen that the contactor is footing the bill…quit your bellyaching & go finish your mocha frap or finish watching CSI whatever.

Lucky Lu

Are pit bulls prohibited at the dog run? That seems to be in violation as breed-specific ordinances are illegal in NYS. And it’s a public space.

South Side Johnny

Rick, I don’t have a dog but I like watching them all socializing like dogs are supposed to. I know you’ve put a lot into the dog run and it is definitely a highlight of the neighborhood. Thanks for your dedication; I hope you ignore all of the naysayers that come to this blog just to complain.

South Side Johnny

That’s a good point, Dorothy, I never though of a locust tree. When I look up locust, I get a lot on the hungry swarming grasshopper, and I finally found the honey locust. It looks like a nice tree, but it’s not indigenous to this region. Nevertheless, it’s a nicer image than the bug.

Am I allowed to say I live on Locust Street, even though the sign says 44th?

Rick Duro

There are 2 reasons why the surface of our dog run needs to be replaced already: 1. Not enough of the ‘cool pavement’ was applied and 2. They didn’t do the best job grading the larger run. Thus, there are areas where water pools, those are the spots that began to chip away in early July.. Outside of those spots the surface had held up very well. Look at the small dog run and the areas around the entrance/benches in big space and you will see what I mean. Thankfully, the work is guaranteed, so it’s on the contractor’s dime. He also had to replace 2 trees that died. One was dead on arrival (east side of greenspace) and placed under the canopy of a much larger tree (bad choice of a location), so it never had a chance. The other was jammed in a corner and never got the right amount of direct sunlight. The latter tree was replaced and positioned much better, but the 2nd one was put in the same place as the 1st DOA tree. We are planning on moving it to a better spot.

Woody Woodpecker

As soon as I saw the sign about the Dog Run I knew that somehow the news would end up on here and the usual Jackasses would come out of the woodwork.


I walk by the park early every day b4 work and I have to say that the lower park is neat and clean, but the children’s playground is a disaster area from the day before. Parents, if you want a better playground, at least show you can take care of the present one by cleaning after yourselves and your kids….


I wish we could have the farmers market ask weekend. It’s great to have fresh, organic produce and good available while enjoying the pleasant weather.

South Side Johnny

@ Not HipstaThugg – Relax already, he’s baiting you. I live on Locust, btw, and resent this negative association to this hungry grasshopper. I imagine people living in Locust Valley share my thoughts.

At first I thought you had a fairly large tan, and you also had white dog. After a couple reads, I think I understand what you were trying to say. Your use of the phrase “a douche comment” rattled me, then your reference to swarming locusts aggravated me- I STILL think Locust Street sounds nicer than 44th Street- that by the time you got to the description of your dog, I was reading too fast to understand.


The worst thing about this park is not the dog run is that crappy “farmers market” that suckers all the hipsters every Saturday.

43rd Ave Mum

It’s funny how loud people get online about the ‘injustice’ of a dog run when they do absolutely nothing to get involved with their own choice ’cause’.

I began taking my kids to the playground after it was last refurbished, 2007ish. $900K was spent to fix it up. Looked nice. Cant say the same anymore, people leave it a real mess now.

PS #150 also got a new playground just a few years ago. Not to mention the fact that you should THANK the dog run people for advocating and securing funding to pay for the fixing of the whole lower park. That was their cause since day 1. a renewed park.

You want to fix up the children’s playground? Organize and advocate. That is how things get done.


Mr. & Mrs. Juan Martinez

The kids have enough parks and it’s up to the parents to provide them with activities to keep them busy. Our tax payer money was happy to contribute to the original build out of this dog run. We don’t even have a dog.


thank you Jimmy Van Brammer take credit for another screw up = oops thats right another not my plan lol

Michael Vick

There is already enough space for the kids (and the guys in their underwear playing soccer)….. Leave the dogs and their space alone!!!!


True, dog owners pay taxes, but no more than I do and I don’t have a dog. I also pay school taxes but I don’t have kids- yet they build schools, playgrounds, and dog runs with my tax money but I don’t benefit.

Maybe I do- I like kids, especially ones that are going to school, playing, and having fun. I would like dogs but too many owners do not clean up and too many of they are yappy (dogs and owners!) in the early morning when I am looking for some peace. Dogs are not the problem, it’s mostly the owners.

But the people at this dog run seem pretty cool. No pit bull-types is a good rule.

South Side Johnny

Meanwhile, they won’t let me or my ferret in the park, let alone the dog run, My ferret’s name is Rikki Rikki. A weasel, similar to a polecat.

Not HipstaThugg

What a douche comment from wannabe Hip and Thugg. You and your movement of self proclaimed hipsters are like locust. You invade , destroy and move on. Looking forward to the moving on part from all of you who have nested in My Sunnyside. We have welcomed all and embraced all sorts of cultures in the neigborhood since I can remember and also have seen the ups and downs of our a Sunnyside but it has and will remain strong even after you and your infestation leave. I wonder what poison you spread before being kicked out of Brooklyn or became irrelevant. Now your focus is dogs??. I would take them over you any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Tell you what Hipster Thugg…next time you see a a guy walking around with a fairly large tan and white dog …tell me you hate my dog..we will talk about it.


I see a lot of kids having tons of fun in that park- is it really so bad? What does that mean- it looks like a park from the 20′? There’s all kinds of equipment, rubber protection, lots of water, and the children seem very happy. We used to play with a stick and some bottle caps- these kids seem to taking advantage of a great playground and do not seem unhappy. Maybe we should ask them what they think is needed?

Hipsta Thugg

If you take the dogma run away, crime will not come back. Stop it already. Dogs have done more damaged to this neighborhood than hipsters and landlords combined! Go Rangers!

Hipsta Thugg

Ok, how about a cat run also. Cat owners pay taxes also. Money for education not stupid dog runs.

Hoof Hearted


The dog run IS for people – people who own dogs.

They pay taxes too.

Hipsta Thugg

I hate dogs. People come first. Get rid of that dog run. Put an Apple store where the dog run is.


I agree with NTD, how about we fix the kids area
Which is outdated and looks like a park in the 20s, kids are just as important as other peoples dogs. We live in an expensive neighborhood as it is, how about spending some of that money on the kids!

South Side Johnny

The dog run appears to be the highlight of the park. The kids seem to have more than they need; they’re more about water balloon and climbing on stuff. Can’t they get some chalk and draw some lines? What about the puppies????

(I like that business with the multiple question marks- very effect…don’t you think? And the ellipses to correct phrases; the “new” way of writing in English.)


To sandrita. The existence of the dog park is to allow the dogs and the good owners to use the park. If you take that away,the crime element will take over the parks. It’s a small part of the park. Be fare.


Hi.. How about repairing the kids area.?? Repainting the hop, skip and jump.. Repaint the numbers etc.. Believe me I love my dog but my four year old comes first.. Don’t you think??????


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