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Sunnyside’s ’99 Cent Paradise’ is For Sale

(Photo: QueensPost)

April 23, 2014 By Christian Murray

The 99 cent store located at 42-06 Greenpoint Avenue is for sale.

The store, called 99 cent Paradise, is on the market for $300,000. The owner said that she is selling the business so she can tend to a sick relative in Bangladesh.

This sale would come just two years after the owner vacated Grand 99 Cent Store, another store she had that was located at 45-24 46th Street. At the time, the owner said the rent at that store was about to be raised to $17,000 and that it was too high. She said she wanted to focus on the 99 cent Paradise store.

However, the rent at 99 cent Paradise is not inexpensive. It costs $12,500 per month including tax.

The store is 5,600 sqf and includes a basement of the same size. The owner claims that the store makes about $70,000 in monthly sales.

Grand 99 Cent Store (2012)

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sunnyside nostalgia

Can we have like a cupcake store or a bistro or something yummy open up there? A book store? A lounging place? A comic book store? An arcade? Something nice for everyone! Not a freaking fast food restaurant. A shoe store like the one that used to be on 46 Street.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Not much in there for 99 cents anymore.

It’s a bit of an outdated term now, like Five and Dime store.


That “beautiful Indian lady” wouldn’t refill the holey mylar balloon she sold me an hour before. Her reason was that it was not her fault that the balloon she sold me had a hole in it. Whaaaa? She may be beautiful on the outside, but I’m not too fond of her insides.

Heatrbroken Caine

That owner is one beautiful Indian Lady. I’ve had a crush for years. I better make my move before she leaves. Now that I know she’s into David Byrne and Animal Collective, I have to try and win her heart with a mixtape/ CD. Will she recognize the CDRs I bought from her????? Or the wrapping paper?

Concerned Hipster

@Roxy – I asked the owner about the religious chant music and she told me it was an unreleased collaboration between David Byrne and Animal Collective that she found a torrent for on Pirate Bay. Sad she’s leaving, we made some pretty neat mix tapes for each other last year.


@Roxy – Good riddance? Yea I dislike 99 cent stores and never give them any business, but you seem to be in there quite often…


Good riddance! A true “dump” and a safety menace, with loose tiles all over the sales floor. In winter, it’s freezing cold, and sizzling hot in summer. At certain times of day, they also play religious chants over the loudspeaker system.

Unconcerned hipster

People go to the 99 cents stores so they exist because they’re patronized. But they are ripoffs as there’s little discounting. Might as well go to CVS that’s always packed and they do discounts and all sorts of specials because they buy in bulk. The 99 cents stores sell many products at retail prices. The only thing they’re good for is that they’re really a convenient place to buy many products mostly made in China. My favorite are name products from Canada or Mexico.

Unconcerned hipster

Time for Apple to open a store? We already have a Starbucks and next is Cafe Benne and they have ambitions to open huge amounts of stores in NYC alone. It’s pretty large and looks great. It’s looks like a well done retail shop that would be in Manhattan. I’m going when it opens.

Harry granger

In ny for most commercial rents the landlord much feel confident that the business would make 10x what ever the monthly rent is in gross sales in order to rent the space to that business. 70k is not that unrealistic for that kind of business. It would not be that easy to hire a manager considering it is a cash business. I know this because I own several commercial space trough out the 5 boroughs.

Al Coholic

Is that sign in the photo the name of the store or the price to buy it? Or both? Or neither? I’ll pay 99 cents for paradise any time. Cheapest girl I know charges 20 bucks and won’t tell me her real name.


Good. One good thing about the rising rents. Get rid of the .99 stores. I hope her relative in Bangladesh gets well soon.

Native NYer

With a apologies to Coolio:

Keep spending most our lives, living in 99 cent paradise


Goodbye and good riddance! I’ve had a horrible experience with the owner of this store. Most of the products have a chemical smell and the cashier makes up the prices as he/she rings each item up.


I like the 99c stores when they are actually 99c, otherwise they sell the same thing RiteAid sells for 3 times the cost, don’t think you are getting a better quality just because you bought it a chain. You can buy crappy stuff you will use once or twice and if they last, it’s a nice bonus. Otherwise I was always surprised how big these stores were, and how much rent they would have to pay, they are huge. We should just have a few small 99c stores sell variety stuff and get rid of these huge ones.
Next up, nail salon makes $50,000 in services per month. LOL.


I’m not a fan of 99 cent stores but this is actually one of the better ones. The lady who owns it is very nice and always friendly. Good luck to her and her family.

Adam Smith

YES!!! they should close all these crappy 99 cent stores. The ones on Queens Boulevard are the worst! so ugly and tacky. The one called 99 cent TREAT and the one called RISEN (which is a retarded name to begin with). Please close these stores so we can upgrade Sunnyside!!!


So I was in there on Saturday looking at the spice rack. Jars of black pepper were $2.99. They were half full. I pulled many out. On all of them the outer and inner seals had been broken. It was clear they had taken brand name jars and refilled them (half way) or dumped out half of what they had in them and put them back on the shelf. Cheap, crappy, badly run, dishonest. I really hope something better comes in its place.

David I

I also agree the sales she is claiming are inflated. $70,000 revenue minus $12,500 rent and let’s assume another $20,000 in overhead (which is a high estimate)… $38,000 profit in a month. That’s a nice chunk of change, enough to hire a manager to run your store while you’re in Bangladesh or to fly over your relative and give her the best medical care possible.


Yeah I call BS on the sales.

That being said I actually like this particular 99cent store.


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