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Sunnyside’s 108 Precinct Reports Drop in Crime

Deputy Inspector Thomas Kavanagh, the head of the 108th police precinct, reported at Tuesday night’s precinct meeting that crime dropped 28 percent in November, compared to the high-crime month of October.

For the 28 day period ending Sept. 22, there were no murders, 1 rape ( the victim and perpetrator knew one another); 14 robberies (down from 25 last month); 8 felony assaults (down from 9 last month); 17 burglaries (down from 27 last month); 37 grand larcenies (down from 41) and 10 grand larceny autos (down from 20).

Of particular note, there were no incidents of Sunnyside businesses being burgled this month. In October, four businesses in the forties were broken in to. There were two delis, one restaurant and a fruit stand. Two were located on 45th Street (between 47th Ave. and Queens Blvd.) and the others were on 47th Ave between 42nd and 48th Street.

The deputy inspector was pleased that last month’s murder on 48th Street had been solved: “the perpetrator (Gino Florencia) had spent many years in jail before the incident and when he came out he wanted to flex his muscles and it didn’t work out.”

One issue that was the subject of heated debate dealt with Hart Playground in Woodside, which is located at 65th Street and 37th Ave.  Local residents say that day laborers are making the park unusable for local children.

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Interesting. Was public urination brought up, by any chance? Because I’ve sure seen a lot of that lately, unfortunately.


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