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Sunnysider to Produce Local Dog Photo Book

Emilia Andrzejewska with her dog Leto (Photo: QueensPost)

July 15, 2013 By Christian Murray

Big dogs, little dogs. Pure breeds, mutts.

Emilia Andrzejewska, a local photographer, wants to take pictures of them all for a book featuring Sunnyside’s canine community.

“I want young ones, old ones—even weird looking ones,” she said. “They are all special and have their personalities.”

Andrzejewska, owner of a 30-pound Boston Terrier called Leto, is just getting the word out now that she is looking for subjects and is hoping that Sunnyside residents will be eager to participate.

She aims to capture as many as 100 dogs in her book that she hopes to release next July. She plans to create a landscape book, which features black and white pictures.

Andrzejewska has posters up at the Lou Lodati Dog Run, as well as local pet shops such as Wespaw Pets and Skillman Pets. She has also recruited the support of Rick Duro, president of Sunnyside United Dog Society (SUDS), to come up with subjects.

She said she wants dogs from the entire community.

“I don’t want dogs just from the north side or south side,” the Celtic Park resident said with a smile. “The dogs on both sides are equal.”

Andrzejewska aims to produce 500 copies of the books and raise the funds to produce it through Kickstarter, an online fundraising platform.

She plans on selling the books for about $40 through the local pet stores and places such as Stray Vintage.

“I think this will be good for the neighborhood,” she said. “I have a good feeling about it.”


To have your dog included, send an e-mail to Emilia at [email protected]

email the author: [email protected]


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Hoof Hearted


I seriously doubt that profit is the main motivation for this book. Considering all the hours of work it would take to produce and market, (assuming there is a profit at all that is), it probably would not work out to much money per hour for the author. There are much surer and easier ways to make a buck.

And whatever money the author would make seems fair to me, and as far as the participating dog owners go, they get the enjoyment of their pets immortalized in a book. I’m sure it would be of great sentimental value to them. Seems like a very fair deal between the author and dog owners.

I see no problem with the SSP publicizing this. They know their readership and dogs are an important issue for many.


I’m confused here, SSP is calling on neighborhood dog owners to help cast subjects for a photographer’s completely for-profit book? Funded by kickstarter?

South Side Johnny

Don’t trust cats. Dogs are loyal companions. Bring your cat to the park and it will probably run away, looking for anyone that will feed it and offer it shelter.


Hey all!

I just like to say I came home to a wonderful surprise! EMAILS, lots and lots of emails. It will take me some time to get through all of them so I am sorry in advance for anyone that has to wait for a reply. Rest assure that all the doggies will be in the book.

In the article Christian included a link in “landscape book.” But here is is again:
Also, check out my blog and Facebook from time to time for photo updates.

As for cats, if this works then yes! I would love to make a cat book.

Rick and Christian, that you for all the help!! 😀


O’shea – look for the poster EA and click on the name. Her site comes up with her portfolio.


Emilia came to the run and showed me her work a few weeks ago, absolutely beautiful black and white photos that really show the true individual character of her subjects. Dogs look/act as differently as humans do, and the photos depict that.

Good Luck!



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