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Sunnyside woman walks away with $100,000 after playing ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’

Liz Farley, who appeared as a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” (Disney-ABC)

Oct. 27, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A Sunnyside woman walked away with $100,000 after appearing as a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

Liz Farley, 38, was just three questions shy from winning the top prize of $1 million on the syndicated show, which aired at 2 pm on Oct. 27, when she walked away. The question, which would have moved her to $250,000, required Farley to pick which countries’ capitals lay the farthest apart out of four possible answers.

The $250,000 question Farley walked away from (Disney-ABC)

“I really thought I might throw up,” Farley, a Sunnyside resident since 2015, said at walking away. “Geography is not my cup of tea. I don’t know where I am half the time.”

In a prior episode that aired on Oct.26, the trivia buff answered 11 questions correctly on a range of topics like Denmark’s history, state flags, gargoyles, and chicken breeds to get to $100,000.

Farley, a director of administration at a university, said she applied to audition for the show in June along with her husband, Dan Wagner, after the host at their favorite trivia night suggested they try out based on their performance during multiple trivia outings.

The Sunnysider said her love for trivia, which she tries to play with her husband every week, came from her family of academics and from watching trivia shows while growing up. “We all know tons of useless information, and I spent a lot of my childhood watching ‘Jeopardy!’,” she said.

The phone call from the show’s producers came a few weeks later in July, who said they wanted to fly her out to Las Vegas to film. “I almost hung up on them,” Farley said. “I didn’t know how to handle it.”

Wagner appeared on the show as Farley’s “plus one”, or someone in the in-show audience who can be called to help Farley.

The Sunnysider says the experience on the show was “weird, fun, and surreal”, and has received tons of support from her family, friends, and co-workers, who all held watch parties for the show.

The hardest part for the couple, however, was not being able to tell others what happened until the show aired today. Farley and Wagner would often resort to “admitting” to one another that they won $100,000 to get it out of their system. “I’m glad I don’t have to keep it a secret,” Farley said.

As far as the prize money, Farley says she has set a “boring” idea for it. “It’s going to retirement and investments,” she said. “New York City is an expensive place to live.”


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Paul Maringelli

I don’t care how long she has been here or not been here. What I want to know is “What the hell was the right answer?”

Sir Walter D Bag

Bingo the Street Bum lives on the Upper Westside. He has a tax free cash income from all the new Snowflakesiders. After you suckers give him a few bucks (of your parents money) he jumps in an Uber driven by Bablu’s new BFF El Loco and heads up to his duplex on CPW.

Sir Walter Raleigh

Of course she is not native to Sunnyside she has Brain. The nitwits who are native have the IQ of a Gerbil. Now those of us who grew up in the Rarified air the upper Westside of Manhattan have moved here and made it a cool place to live despite the original Riff Raff that is native to Sunnyside.


Sir Walter Raleigh was know for his wit and intelligence- you might want to change your handle as you do his legacy no injustice


Welcome my trust fund snowflake baby ,I hope nobody has offended you in this once working class neighborhood.


its indicative of the people moving to sunnyside. not that there were no people of liz’s caliber already living here its wonderful to see that its compounding. Though reading some of the comments it seems we still have quite a ways to go.


So what’s the answer? Gotta be Norway & Russia, right? How can they not mention the answer in the article?

Woodside Mom

“It’s going for retirement and investments…” Yet on the show, she claimed she was going to build “an otter habitat.”

Al from Sunnyside

She should build a habitat with fair trade coffee and gluten free muffins for all the cry babies from out of state living in Sunnyside aka Snowflakeside.


How many times do they call her “the sunnysider”. She’s here 2 yrs. I guess that’s makes you a sunnysider in today’s day and age. It used to be known as a visitor. Funny now she’s outted as a newbie. Oh that’s the new girl. Hahaha

Bank of RACHEL T

Why does it matter how much it is to suscribe RACHEL? Your parents from Maine pay for everything anyway! Put it on their Amex.

Rachel T

Where does it say she calls herself a Sunnysider? The author of the article references her as that.

Sunnysider...Lily didn’t thing so !

She’s got a lot of nerve calling herself a Sunnysider. Been there only since 2105…that’s a joke. She needs to join Bablu in Bangladesh. Another wanna be NYer. Lily despised all these Wyoming transplants.

Gen X knows a life without computers and you should too

WTF is wrong with you? These are real people. Are you a millennial who grew up behind a keyboard and therefore lacks any real world interactions and empathy. My advice…Give away your computer. Go out into the real world and grow a heart.


Sunnyside post should focus on posting important stuff in the neighborhood now you just made this woman a target for thieves smh !!

Lily Knew The Million Dollar Answer

Now she’s got enough dough to get across the bridge. She would of got the million but missed the question about who was the biggest star in 1979 was. If she was a real NY’er she would of known the answer was none other than Sunnysides own Oran Juice Jones. Another Idaho transplant. Fake News calling herself a Sunnyside resident….she’s only been there since 2015….the bum panhandler at 43 St and Greenpoint Avenue has been here longer

Sour Shoes aka: The Street Bum 43 and Greenpont Avenue

Let’s see….article says she knows tons of useless information, family of academia, college adminstrator = another Ben and Jerry’s Vermont Flake with no skin in the game. Lily couldn’t stand these coming in her restaurant.


well, technically, she only won $50,000. the rest go to taxes. doesnt really help much when studio apts go for a million dollars.


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