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Sunnyside Woman Victim of iPhone Theft

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May 27, 2012 By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside woman was robbed Tuesday evening by a man who snatched her iPhone Tuesday evening and fled, according to police.

The 38-year-old female was walking and talking on her iPhone at about 6:15 pm in Sunnyside Gardens when a man came up from behind her ripped it from her ear. The incident occurred on the south-east corner of Skillman Ave. and 44th Street, according to police.

According to sources, the man fled down 44th Street and ran through an alley toward 45th Street.  While the victim sought help from residents in apprehending the perpetrator it was to no avail.

The perpetrator was described as a male Hispanic, according to police.

IPods, laptops and cell phones are among the most common items stolen by criminals in New York City, according to the police.

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O’shea… really? I mean really? Is one not supposed to talk on his cell phone while walking? Or he should always be protective of his phone and not use his phone for what it is intended for?

The incident could happen with anybody. And you blaming the victim is just stupid.

Long Time Resident

Can I just point out that one can be both Hispanic, and have African ancestry. You can be white and Hispanic. You can be Native American and Hispanic.

Gotta blame someone

I wonder how the police treat these crimes. I know of two cases where tracking software existed but did not lead to the return of the item. It could be the timing, or that too much time had passed, or simply that the police took the report but didn’t expend time and resources to recover a phone under warranty. In one case, the victim could see exactly where the phone was being used via gps but the police chose not to pursue aggressively. (This particular case was not a grab and run type of crime but a theft by someone known to the victim.)


O,Shea are you really blaming the VICTIM here? Classy…

Oh and here’s a little tidbit for you: I don’t think anonymous’ post alone is going to make Sunnysiders more apprehensive of minority males. That’s where statistics and good old common sense come into play.


@ Anonymous Victim
Clearly the post made a mistake.
He is a “black American” or American so what? Will that descriptive help catch him much quicker ? Or just make sunnysiders more apprehensive of minority males.
You deserved to be robbed. Walking around new york while not protecting your iphone is a crime in itself. What happened to downloading a free tracking software (how dumb)? Do you think new york is your withdrawing room?
Everywhere I go, people bowed in text mode while crossing into traffic…people yakking away oblivious to their environment. sheesh


Although it’s good that the precinct police chiefs show up at community meetings when crime rates spike, I’d be far more impressed if I saw patrolmen on foot on the local streets once in a while.


As long as you don’t grab someone’s iPhone near a Dunkin’ Donuts, there’s a good chance the cops won’t be anywhere nearby.


I was the victim of this crime and am shocked by the info being posted here. #1- he was not Hipanic but clearly African American. And to the person who commented that the police can track the phone- you are wrong! They cannot and would not.


Sad story.
People, if you have an iPhone the police can track it. Lear how to use your gadgets! Password protection and certain apps will come in handy.


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