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Sunnyside Woman Talked Out of Suicide Attempt

Jan. 11, 2013 By Christian Murray

The NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit closed off 40th Street (between 47th and 48th Avenues) on Tuesday after an elderly woman with a history of mental illness threatened to commit suicide.

The woman had failed to take her medication and was planning to jump out of a 3rd floor window, according to police.

The police arrived on the scene with a tremendous amount of force. Several cops wore helmets and vests. There were firefighters and rescue teams on the site as well.

The rescue team was able to convince the woman not to jump, according to police.

The police said that they were wearing the protective gear since they broke into her home through the  front door. The police often wear such gear when they are uncertain as to what might await them.

The ordeal lasted hours. For instance, at 3pm, a worker at a nearby restaurant said the street had been closed for more than an hour.

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What if the properties are owned by an Arab?
This is a free country. He can do what he wants to it.
I do not understand why people are crying about foodtown. It was a poorly run business that sold expensive stuff. And the staff was rude, especially the skinny manager and chubby cashier.


Fact- An Arab owns all those lots by the old Food Town.

Fact- Arabs were involved in 9/11

TheRealRubin- Oh lets not hate ! lets love all our people, lets not think that something could be wrong with him holding the Food Town area hostage. lets not even discuss it! We have to love everyone! light up the bonfire and lets celebrate life !



You don’t understand my post because you don”t understand the level of tolerance and knowledge of the real world that I, The Real Rubin, have. You clearly can’t grasp that someone as wise as I, see freedom of speech as an opportunity to slander and insult people I don’t know. Calling other groups of people name, whom I don’t know, is the sacred trust of all defenders of free speech.
I am the bully in the school yard. It is my mission to test the limits of tolerance, while demonstrating the depth of my hypocrisy.
Look at me! I have the gaul to call others intolerant. Look at me! I have the nerve to get mad that people don’t like the ugly hate I spew.
Look at me, and yawn.

Food Town parking regs

Since there are no delivery trucks anymore, shouldn’t the side street next to Food Town be open for parking?


TheRealRubin- you’ve had a hard on for me for some time now. I wonder what I said that got your underwear all bunched up. considering others have said FAR more hateful things on this site I probably said something close to home.

well, let me help you out since I see you sitting there just imagining what “words” you would toss my way if you met me in real life. Learn the difference between what is online and what is life. the fact of the matter is most of these people on this forum have expressed their right to free speech you hippies just haven’t learned to accept other forms of thinking. You claim to be tolerant but you’re not.

That being said, you guys see what the food town area looks like now? its a ghost town. Me thinks the oil tycoons that own those lots are set to turn that whole area into something for its own people.

Get a Life

I am getting the impression that the police may never solve the Rispoli murder after what I believe is about three months. I don’t expect the 108th to give daily briefings on it, but it would be nice if they said whether they have hope of solving it.


Yes! please help me find ways to spread hate, ignorance, bile and evil over the internet in the name of free speech. I know that if I used my real name and address, people who I’ve disgusted and insulted would stop me on the street and have ‘a word’. I know that the true meaning of freedom of speech is to say whatever I want, with no regard to though or fact.
Thank YOU Sycamore.
Because of you, one day I plan to yell “FIRE” in our Cinema Center 5! I hope you are not in there. Let’s hope none of the awful haters in Sunnyside are in there. Let’s hope that there are always sad dumb fools like us to turn sites like this into harsh cesspools of ignorance and hate.


@TheRealRuben I used to write under my own name until someone started posting as me. Call the post and ask them not to allow posts using your name unless your email address is on it. That’s when it stopped for me. But I still decided to use pseudonyms. Can’t be too safe.

Time's Up

“Anybody get the impression that law enforcement in this country has a tendency to overreact and they’ve become extremely militarized since 9-11.”



“The police said that they were wearing the protective gear since they broke into her home through the front door”

ain’t no writing awards happening here!


Sadly, there are so many cases where LEA respond to reports of EDP and end up killing the person. Often the person making the 911 call is a family member seeking help for the loved one. I’m so glad this woman is ok.

I agree with others that the story could be presented more clearly. I would modify that last paragraph – instead of “For instance…” I would have written: “One local merchant, who asked not to be identified, noted at 3:00 p.m., the street closure had lasted more than one hour.”

I would omit sentences that seem to be defending the police or at least attribute them to the NYPD, rather than the news writer who should really just report the facts with sources cited.

Oppressed Masses

The quality of the writing presented in this article is neither loud nor quite. The reporting and writing are very poor, not up to the usual quality presented in the Sunnyside Post.


You mean like whoever called 911 when Lou Rispoli was killed and the cops didn’t even bother to cordon off the crime scene let alone send in the special forces even though they knew a violent crime had been committed?


No matter what they do or how they arrive they will be criticized …
…The end result is the main thing. They talked her out of taking her life.
That is what counts ..

Good job men and ladies …


“The police arrived on the scene with a tremendous amount of force. Several cops wore helmets and vests– and carried shields. ”

Why? For an old lady threatening to jump from a window? Were they planning to shoot her if she did?

Anybody get the impression that law enforcement in this country has a tendency to overreact and they’ve become extremely militarized since 9-11.


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