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Sunnyside Widow Wins $1 million From Scratch-Off Ticket


Feb. 24, 2012 By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside widow won $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket, according to a release put out by the New York State lottery moments ago.

Margaret Casey, a 65-year-old widow and former home-health aid, will receive a net sum of $31,152 per year through 2031, according to officials.

Casey said in a statement that she’ll continue to keep life simple.  “I have no real needs or wants right now,” adding that, “Maybe I’ll take a trip to visit my family down south in the spring.”

Casey bought the ticket at the “69-Grand Street” store, located on Grand Ave. in Maspeth. She often goes there to visit the owners Mohmad Memon and Rajnikant Patel.

It was during one such visit on Jan. 4 that Casey bought a gold-colored 20X The Money Lottery scratch-off ticket on display near the front door.

“I’ll take one of those,” she told herself at the time. “It was the gold color that got me,” she said. “I stopped and scratched the ticket in the store.  I don’t play scratch-offs, so I had them check it for me,” Casey continued. “We all got a little emotional when we realized it was a $1,000,000 winner.”

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Just Looking

So, now you all know. I stink at math. I wasn’t complaining, just confused. Please be kind to we with numerical challenges.


Either way she needs a will right away….in case she doesn’t make it till 2031

Leave the $30K a year for college scholarships…..or help poor elderly and disabled people pay for emergency pet care at the local vet.


Just Looking – She won $1 million. 31k a month till 2031 is way too much. The math works out. Think of it as income at $50k a year (1mil/20). Fed ~25% NYS ~6% NYC ~3.5%.


Let me get this straight. The government sells you the ticket, keeps all the money when you lose but also gets a nice fat chunk when you win.

The mafia can only dream of doing what the government gets away with.

Bliss & Skillman

Webley, that probably means she will get that much once a year for 20 years, which comes to over half, so the math seems to work.


care to explain “$31,152 through 2031”
1 million price, half goes to taxes, WTF. I thought you can get your money lump sum and pay taxes or get paid monthly and not pay that much tax.
This is stupid, that money will be worth half in 2031 if she is still alive.


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