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Sunnyside Video- From Artists, Places and Scenes

April 6, 2011 Staff Report

Local resident George Burles pays a tribute to the neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens set to the classic tune by the Pogues.

Featuring some of the people, places and events that make this corner of New York such a dynamic part of the big city.

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GB 🙂 cookie cutter corporation LOL.
Not really, but OK. Maybe for another video if we are highlighting sunnyside. Song was catchy though. 🙂


@ KathyG

The free shows that the Thalia Theatre provide are a real treat. I always look forward to them. Placido Domingo got his start in Spanish operetta.


re: too many bars: well, it is a Pogues song.

I had a shot of the library but since they renovated it, they took away the Sunnyside sign and renamed it the more generic Queens Library so I thought pffffft.

As far as banks? What’s the difference between Chase Bank in Sunnyside than anywhere else? It’s a 3 minute vid, why waste time on cookie cutter corporations?


I was glad to see a couple of photos of Thalia Spanish Theatre & our free concerts in Thomson Hill Park/Noonan Playground. This year’s festival will take place the 1st three Sundays in June from 1pm to 2pm (June 5,12, 19). We’ll probably do programs of Mexican music, Colombian dance, and Zarzuelas (Spanish operettas). All are welcome!


I missed the shakespeare, when was that?

About the video, it is nice, I wonder if hispanic version will follow? It seems to highlight only the bars, whereas there are so much more than those in Sunnyside, like little shops, banks, library.. for gods sake the new Library could have been a great picture, maybe an overhead view from the stations, manhattan skyline at night, etc..etc.. anyway, it is better than nothing, looking forward to version #2.


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