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Sunnyside tot seriously injured after fall

Daily News

An 18-month-old baby boy was seriously injured Thursday night after taking a 13-foot fall off a second-story patio of a Sunnyside home, fire and police officials said.

The infant made his way through a partially-open screen door in the back of the 43rd St. building in Sunnyside onto a balcony and scaled a 3-foot wrought iron fence, neighbors said.

He tumbled over and smashed his head when he landed on a concrete stoop down below, the FDNY said.

Neighbor Nancy Sasso, 34, a data clerk entry and a mother of two, saw emergency workers rush the baby out of the backyard.

“His head was covered with bandages and you could see his tummy rise and fall,” she said. “It’s just a freak accident.”

The boy went into cardiac arrest en route to Elmhurst Hospital Center after the 8:46 p.m. incident, fire officials said.

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S. Grant

I’ve been looking through the commentary to find anyone who might’ve ‘pointed fingers’ or left a ‘hurtful comment’. Querying where the parent(s) of an 18 month old were during his toddling out an open balcony door (at NIGHT), scaling a 3 foot wrought iron fence and the subsequent fall to the cement below isn’t distasteful — it’s reasonable, regardless of whether or not they’re acquaintances, particularly since an accident like that most assuredly didn’t occur in a ‘flash’.

Most importantly is a speedy and full recovery for the little boy.

tristan defalco

who eva is pointing fingers is probably to gay to know how to make a baby let alone know what it takes to take care of 1 and should mind his own comments maybe u should go watch a porno WITH A WOMEN u might like it asshole

Rosan Defalco

I personally know the mother of this baby and she is a very loving mother and she is always vigilant of her children, As a Mother of two young children I can honestly say that children are very fast and they can get themselves in dangerous situation in tents of a second. My prayers are with the family this was a freak accident.

Ann Price

Mike, honestly I cannot believe you would start pointing the finger at the parents for what was a terrible accident. Blaming anyone is pointless and hurtful. As anyone with a child knows, they can get into things and do damage to themselves in a flash and we all are very lucky that most of them do not end up in such serious accidents. I find your comment here distasteful and would expect more from the “hero” of Sunnyside Gardens.

Mike Novak

“The infant made his way through a partially-open screen door in the back of the 43rd St. building in Sunnyside onto a balcony and scaled a 3-foot wrought iron fence, neighbors said.”



Nothing is worse than hearing about a child getting hurt. Prayers that the child recovers.

Tywin Lannister

This just proves what I said earlier in the sunnyside gardens article. You would think your child is safest at home, but look at what happens when parents are not paying attention. The boy will recover. Like the Stark boy


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