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Sunnyside Shines receives grant to promote restaurants and cultural activities

April 18, 2017 Staff Report

The city awarded several local organizations grants up to $30,000 last week to develop projects to support small businesses in Sunnyside, Woodside and Jackson Heights.

NYC Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Gregg Bishop announced on Wednesday that the department awarded over $1 million to 34 groups throughout all five boroughs. The grants were awarded through the Avenue NYC initiative, aimed at supporting commercial corridors in underserved communities.

“The Avenue NYC initiative is investing in local, community-based organizations to help strengthen and preserve small business corridors across our city,” Bishop said. “Small businesses are an essential part of building vibrant neighborhoods, and the grants we are awarding today will help meet tailored, local needs.”

Among the organizations awarded grants were the 82nd Street Partnership in Jackson Heights, the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District, and the Queens Economic Development Corporation for projects in Woodside and Corona.

The grant to the 82nd Street partnership will be used to develop a rewards program with local businesses and to organize seasonal events to promote shopping on 82nd Street, according to the grant announcement.

The money given to Sunnyside Shines will go towards marketing to promote restaurants and cultural activities along Queens Boulevard.

The QEDC will use the funding to coordinate programming in Woodside and Corona that connects residents with local businesses.

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Your BID people are badmouthing the decades old chamber. Why do they have to hate everything and everybody who was here and thriving before Big Real Estate took over? They do things that look nice but that destroy the place with their good deeds. And the city funds it.

No way

Biker dude- your a bicycle dude. A real biker has a motor under him. Your just a traffic obstacle.


It’s hard enough to find parking as it is! Here comes JVB for his photo opp.

Its over johnny

Yep, that will help catch up on 2 months rent. Dont want to sound ungrateful but some of these businesses still won’t make it. Some creditors, utility companies, taxes,will get paid and landlords but the small business guy around here , is hurting bad. Old saying, you invest in a business to expand, not to keep it open. You only delay the inevitable. The small tight knit community sunnyside once was has long been swallowed up .


You’re right. Let’s all sit at home in our own filth. What’s the point anymore???



Is this for real? Sunnyside does not have a descent restaurant. Even if a couple of them have good food, none of them is a restaurant that you would go out of your way to eat there. I have been living here for 15 years and I always go to Astoria, Elmhurst and to few Jackson Heights spots for good food.

Joe Crowley wishes you a happy Tuesday

there was a SS Post article from early april from the anti-gentrification group ready to protest “expensive food”, whatever that means.

So if you promote restaurants in the area does that mean the anti-gentrification group will organize march against it?

This is all very confusing… Guess they want to throw the money behind White Castle

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Kinda makes you wonder if the SAME group is funding both the rallies, and the grants. Someone should look into this.

Put the whole system on trial.


Test Test Test.

Sunnyside Post has blocked my ip address, apparently. I guess I must have pissed off the mods with comments no more offensive than others. They even delete comments that aren’t offensive. Talk about bias. Nothing like censorship to drive your audience away. These people take freedom of speech for granted. Next thing you know we’ll be living in N Korea.


Sunnyside is over and done. It is now officially full of itself and nothing of what once used to be. I hate to sound like a concervative moron but I lived there for many beautiful years until everything started exploting. The people, the noise, the attitude, the greet. Sunnyside post has had a parallel journey.

Salt simpson

I just moved here and I’m cool just ask my friends I’m a pioneer in queens they all live in billyburg but me I’m cool because I’m different


“The grants were awarded through the Avenue NYC initiative, aimed at supporting commercial corridors in underserved communities.”

The queens Blvd bars are far from underserved. In fact that is the most expensive commercial real estate in sunnyside.


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