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Sunnyside Shines Holds Annual Meeting Thursday

Rachel Thieme hired as exec. director in 2012 (Photo: SunnysidePost)

March 20, 2013 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside Shines, a business improvement group that’s role is to promote Sunnyside’s commercial district, is holding its annual meeting on Thursday to outline its up-coming plans and elect its board.

Sunnyside Shines has an annual budget of about $300,000 and the funds are used to market, beautify and clean the business district on (or near) Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Ave. from 40th to 48th Streets.

The meeting, which will be held at the Sunnyside Community Services Center at 7:00pm, will also provide attendees with details of last year’s achievements.
The BID said it would review some of its main highlights, which include:

1) The expansion of its sanitation services from 6 days per week to 7 days per week
2) The Taste of Sunnyside, which attracted more than 400 attendees and more than 20 participating restaurants
3) Eleven city benches

While the BID has an annual budget of nearly $300,000, more than $200,000 is typically spent on fixed costs—such as its cleaning crew, holiday lights, the executive director’s salary, office rent and insurance. The rest is typically allocated toward marketing, streetscaping and beautification.

The annual meeting will be its first public meeting since October 2011, when the board outlined its 2011/2012 goals.  At the time, one resident complained that the public meetings were not frequent enough, giving non-board members little input on how the funds are spent.

As part of Thursday’s meeting, the election of board members will take place. Property owners, business owners and residents with property within the BID may vote for members of the

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The homeless encampment is gone! Job well done , I hope the man found a better place to live and gets help with his addiction


For people passing through Sunnyside on the 7 train, one look at all the graffiti on the buildings will certainly turn them off the idea of ever stopping off here and checking out the neighborhood. It looks like just another urban craphole.

I’m just dreaming but if the police could mount a few sting operations to catch these punks it might help. May I also suggest that any graffiti vandals that are caught be tied up and placed in a burlap bag with a snake and a ferret and tossed in the East River?


The graffti on the foodtown site was done by the same one or two people who tagg all over the south side , the tagg jwc or twc is responsible for 90% of the graffti around here the police should note this. As for queens plaza comment I’m rather attached to the neighborhood , kids , house, family , etc so I would rather stay and not let’s the bums takeover.


To be fair to the BID, there’s only so much they can do to improve the local economy and business climate when the lunatics in Washington are wrecking it on a national level every single day.


$100,000 could be better spent. Just throw it onto queens blvd and let us grab as much as we can in 30 seconds. You would have the happiest residents in the world!

queens plasma

in NY Magazine rates this town as 3rd most desireable in nyc – if you dont like it you can leave, can’t you? You got chains on your freakin feet? Just go already

…speaking to all you above

Hugh J. Ness

Maybe Sunnyside needs a catchy advertising slogan. How about…

Sunnyside, where your dollar store dreams come true!

Sunnyside, come for the ABC Store, stay for the White Castle

What happens in Sunnyside, stays in Sunnyside, (but details will be published on the Sunnyside Post.)


yeah how about once a week wash under the 40th st station with a high pressure hose and some bleach and disinfectant….if you dont have enough money ask the riders for $1 or two we would be glad to donate to that cause..


Work has started on renovations of the ex-Foodtown supermarket site on Greenpoint Avenue & 42nd Street. The temporary wooden frontage has already been covered with graffiti!


Good start Ruben! lets talk about auto crimes!!!!!! and maybe a neighborhood watch.. I lost mirors and all kinds of things off my car..


So let me get this straight…200,000 is spent on things like salary, office costs and ugly lights. that leaves a measly 100,000 for stuff and the best you did last year was plant some benches, do some food drive thing and extend a cleaning day for 1 day.’s some ideas for “Beautifying” Sunnyside. How about you get rid of all the disgusting homeless people. I don’t mind the nice one who’s quiet and looks like he mighta been a war vet, I’m talking about people like Squirts the Change Bum who shits under the 7 train and spits in front of food establishments. How about the bum that sleeps under 40th st station and has almost hoarded his home there.

Or how about the bum that so conveniently plants his homeless ass right on the steps of 40th st station during rush hour???

okay..can’t handle that job? how about you crack down on all the idiot dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs. Start enforcing tickets, I never see any cops around but I SUUUUURE see meter maids enforcing parking rules to a SECOND.

I can think of a few other things you can do for sunnyside if you really cared.


Please clean up the homeless encampment under the 40 street subway stop, it’s an unhygienic mess, I don’t know how people order food from food carts 10 feet away


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