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Sunnyside Residents Report Cases of Car Vandalism

40th Street and 47th Avenue (Photo: QueensPost)

Feb. 25, 2013 Staff Report

This time a year ago, Sunnyside was plagued by car vandalism.

There were at least three instances where residents discovered that their vehicles had been placed on blocks– with their rims and wheels gone. Other residents had their car windows smashed in.

Well, there are signs that this vandalism may be reappearing. This morning a car was found on blocks on 40th Street by 47th Avenue.

Meanwhile, last week a resident of 48th Street, between Skillman and 39th Avenues, had his ski racks pried off his car roof.

“I parked my car on Wednesday afternoon and returned to it on Friday morning to go to work only to find the racks were gone,” said Kevin K., who elected not to disclose his last name.

Kevin said that the perpertrator did about $1000 in damage to his car while using a crow bar to dislodge them– in addition to making off with the racks that cost about $750.  He reported the incident to the police.

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$900 for a roof rack…are you kidding me….what possessed you to spend that kind of money on a roof rack


We had our roof rack crowbarred off on top of the movie theatre in astoria. Then a month later we had our car window broken at the best buy parking lot. neither parking lot is secure. The first time the 114th failed to show and we waited 3+ hours. We had $1500 in damage in addition to $900 down the drain for the rack. The second time the cops showed immediately as they were tending to the same exact type of situation across the street in the home depot parking lot. It’s not just sunnyside, it’s all of western queens and the cops told us that those parking lots are notorious for thieves. avoid home depot, avoid best buy, avoid stop and shop, and don’t go see a movie and park on the roof.


Well you want a nice car in NYC….keep it off the street buy a home with parking in the back…..and dont forget to get FULL glass coverage… car is 16 years old with its original cassette player in it…..when i start seeing beat up clunkers being vandalized I’ll start to really worry


Security cameras? That sounds like a very expensive proposition. We could hire more cops and increase the number of patrol cars on the streets, too, except this all costs lots of money. I wonder what percentage of Sunnysiders own cars? They certainly seem to cause a lot of problems, even for those of us who do not own a car. Leaving a nice car out on a busy public street, night after night, is the reason the value of one of these things drops so quickly in the first year.

Rick Duro

I remember a night about 6-7yrs ago where someone popped @ least 1 tire on about 10 cars on 40th st/Skillman.



All this occurs during the dark of night where the streets are mostly empty in Sunnyside. I encourage the city to put up security cameras. I know some people are very paranoid about having big brother watching, but that might be the best way to prevent these types of crimes, or the very least present an opportunity to catch these guys.


yeah some1 stole my hubcaps and keyed my car, this is crazy and thats why i have to pay for a garage, maybe street cameras or ppl complaining more would help this situation out, i see windows smashed in on 47av all the time.


Well, when you trumpet your horn, saying Sunnyside is a cool, up and coming place to be with well-to-do residents, you get more people coming through. And a small percentage of them end up being thieves, vandals and con men. Its the con men who are the worst. They hurt you and make you feel like a fool at the same time.

Daniela A.

I had my car window smashed a couple of months ago outside of my house on 48 and 51 ave. by the entrance to the LIE


Years ago a bunch of cars were burned down here in Sunnyside. The criminals were never found , it was disgusting.

It’s surprising that this happens considering how crowded Sunnyside is, someone must see something. Cmon yuppies, if you see something say something!


My car was broken into a few weeks ago. I was parked in front of my building on 39th street. The cops didn’t even get out of the car just asked for my info and moved on.

P & B

We had our car window smashed in about a month ago. We parked by the park on 43rd street. They made off with our gps. Frustrating since it wasn’t worth much. Lesson learned, don’t leave any cords exposed.


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