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Sunnyside Residents Angered by Xio’s Clubgoers

Photo: QueensPost

May 1, 2013 By Christian Murray

Residents from six buildings on 39th Place attended the police precinct 108 meeting Tuesday night to vent their frustrations about a nightclub located on the corner of their block and Queens Blvd.

About 20 residents claimed that the patrons of Xio Lounge (39-19 Queens Blvd. ) walk down their block and then enter into their back courtyards to smoke pot. They said that the problem occurs during the daylight hours on Saturdays and Sundays—since the club promotes 10 am events on weekends.

One man whose apartment overlooks the back courtyard said that he counted 50 people from the club congregating in that space smoking pot one Saturday. He said that he had to close his windows since the smell is so strong.

Entrance to Courtyard (Photo: QueensPost)

Others complained about men urinating in the back of their courtyard, while others said that when the men were asked to leave they looked ready for a fight.

One man said that he had witnessed oral sex take place outside the establishment, while another spoke about sex taking place on a car.

“I have called 311 and 911 about 30 times,” one woman said, who didn’t want to reveal her name. “They drink, do drugs and then go back into the club.”

The owner of Xio, Elvis Padron, attended the meeting and told the residents, “We have never had any problems” and that his establishment was just like any other. However, he provided the residents with his cell phone number in case of any future problems.

One woman said she was afraid to take her garbage out on weekends due to the men. Furthermore, she didn’t feel comfortable going past the club with her stroller during the daylight hours on weekends.

Deputy Inspector Powers, who held his final police precinct meeting last night before leaving to go to Manhattan North, said the precinct will get to the bottom of it. He said the police are able to work with the state liquor authority, fire department and host of other agencies to make sure the club operates in an appropriate manner. He said, “We have closed bars down before.”

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Mark M

I have been to XIO a few times on the weekend and one time on the am party.. To be honest I didn’t see any violations as earlier stated. The venue was not even close to capacity and i was asked to show ID even tho I well into my 40’s. Crowd was a little too young for me, but they all seem to be having a great time.. I did not witness any illegal drug use or sex in the club. I did see a few people smoking cigarettes out side the club,but as we all know, smoking is no longer permitted inside.

There have been many allegations of illegal activity if this is indeed true, where are the police stats to back up these bogus statement??

Not 1 arrest, not 1 summons? I find it very hard to believe that if there was any merit to these statements the police wouldn’t have shut this place down, or some other form of enforcement.

What I really think is going on here, is local residents think is it just easier to get a place closed down, by fabricating lies into order get what they want. This is nyc over 8 million people have to share the streets, if you want absolute quiet move to suburbs

Sorry for venting, as a club owner in Manhattan, I know how difficult it can be for a small business to survive especially when the community board is bias toward nyc night life. If it were up to them we’d all live in a city where a jamba juice would replace every bar, restaurant, lounge or outdoor eatery whose decibel were louder than their reruns of “Murder She wrote”

As long as the LAW allows you to open up at 10am or 12 on sundays.. I wish you good luck on your endeavours


I am a female and i have been in Xio its not a strip club and there is no sex going on in there. A lot of ppl in there are Gay and Transgender and they feel safe in there and can express themselves freely without being judged. Every place has their positive and negative about it your complaining about the smell of weed well its better then some of these clubs where ppl are getting stabbed, robbed and physically assaulted. So get over it!!!! Nothing has happened there where anyone has been hurt or traumatized by “these people.” And Why are you having your kids play on the street anyway?? Take them to a park…… Come on. I will visit again.


I was just there, nothing going on. Yes some of the young croud that goes there are not what we are user to…but most of the are gay and not looking for trouble,. I know that most of the people complaining are over 60 and have nothing better to do, but really….. if you been there you would know nothing is happening inside or outside ofXio, have you seen the security that they have there?
I’m speaking as a female with a beautiful daughter


If the community wants to close the establishment — then organize groups of 30 plus Sunnysiders and go to the place (although wear earplugs) – pay the cover to get in, but nothing more (i.e. get water, not alcohol).

Then just chill and hang out. I suspect that the “coolness” of the club would be lost if normal/everyday folks were inside on a semi-regular basis just sitting around and talking. It would loose the edge.

If you get turned away at the door – ooohhhh, discrimination lawsuit potentiality abounds. . .

And in high numbers, you would not intimidated by those who are there.

Once the “club” looses its coolness, its door closure would not be long or far behind.

Currently, the club is considered “cool” — deflate that perception and it would lose its draw . . . .

Sunnyside would gain the reputation as a place where regular folks go – not a ‘cool’ nightclub /rave haven . . . .

sunny side up!

Im not sure whos more fried..xio goers or my fellow sunnyside residents.. It is the year 2013 and club, bars, lounges are everywhere at this point.. So you smell some pot and you see a few people around. Ive actually been to this bar lounge twice and had an awesome time with great people that know how to smile and make conversation..They too are family oriented and just love life and know how to come out and enjoy these messed up times filled with racist people.. There is absolutely no prostitution at this bar… If you are attempting to take xio down then be factual.. Bars will always exist..


Xio Lounge is the only “club” so far that I know that has HELD 2 FUNDRAISERS since its opening according to the “COMMUNITY BOARD” what about other establishments in the community??????????

XIO is being blamed for what goes OUTSIDE? Since when does any establishment have to take responsibility for what goes outside when people leave? And if you knew what happens inside, aren’t you a supporter???

So exactly ” WHAT KIND” of people are going to this place? I am sensing either Sunnyside is prejudice, racist, OR BOTH!


I’m gay. I walked past Xio with my boyfriend on the way to the subway and the thugs who hang out there were standing right across the sidewalk and would not step aside to let us pass.

They looked at us like we were wearing tiaras and tutu’s. We’re actually pretty tough looking, in fact. So what this means, in my long experience, is that the people who go to this club are belligerent and intolerant of anyone who does not look and act the same as themselves.

This will end in violence. The management of Xio’s know it will end in violence. Some unsuspecting passers by are going to get rolled soon.

They should do the decent thing and stop the trouble before it starts. And it will start. They’ve already made the area a no go for kids and locals at the weekend. Enough.


Above poster,
Would you mind prividing some info on how do you know about the stabbings etc incidents that are not reported?
If its true that they were 5 stabbings, this is a serious issue, i hope you can give more info and speak up.

It is also obvious the owner or frequent goes from out of town are posting here, and for poeple to say sunnyside is not a rose garden to begin with they can go to hell. Sunnyside has been getting more and more crowded with people who have no family values, you pretty much know the type, and on top with stores that degrade the neighborhood.

I am very surprised that existing shop owners and long time residents are keeping very quiet yet Jimmy was able to gather 100’s to “save foodtown” very odd and pathetic in my opinion that they are keeping quiet on this kind of issues.

are you kidding me ?

Just saw this last post I too im not so sure about the 50 people quote but what do you mean when you say

“Plus it doesnt do any illegal activities inside therfore its completely legal. If people step out to do drugs then thats on them and the cops to get them. NOT XIO to close down because people are GOING OUTSIDE to do drugs…”

Legal lol if you say its ok to go out and get high then go back in then its the establishment duty not to serve any services such as entry and drinks if they do know or customer appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol Are you Kidding me?

Then you say
“Sunnyside isnt as good as you people paint it to be… Theres alot of bad things happening at night.Ive known about 5 stabbings in sunnyside but thats NEVER on the news… why? because they want people to think its safe! the 108 precint is a joke!!!

What do you mean “you people ” That makes me think you not from Sunnyside and maybe part of XIO no im sorry there’s more good then bad in Sunnyside and when there’s bad most times its not from within and to mock are police at 108 and call them a Joke is sad

Oh by the way (but I bet you know already) our police has made arrests this past weekend on some of the issues reported 108 meeting about some of the problems that were spoken you say ” You People” yes our police precinct thanks 108 for doing what you do


I have also been there myself and there really isnt a big crowd to say that 50 people went out to smoke together… Theres only about 50 people in total in that place… Plus it doesnt do any illegal activities inside therfore its completely legal. If people step out to do drugs then thats on them and the cops to get them. NOT XIO to close down because people are GOING OUTSIDE to do drugs… Sunnyside isnt as good as you people paint it to be… Theres alot of bad things happening at night.Ive known about 5 stabbings in sunnyside but thats NEVER on the news… why? because they want people to think its safe! the 108 precint is a joke!!!


Judging from Xio’s own promotional material at the bottom of the article. the place seems rather sleazy. Perhaps Sunnyside is on its way to having its own red light district.


Mr Michael D you say you can count the number of patrons on 2 hands
AnnaMaria you say that you go there frequently 90% of the time there’s only a few people there ……. You Both must have not been there on a weekend late night

And if you were at the meeting why did you not stand up and voice that have been a customer of Zio for a long time seen nothing of that sort ?

Also the owner of Zio found out what the 6 buildings were going to say at the meeting rushed in late and was sitting in Back of room and did not even stand up and speak to room or police till later after meeting he was pointed out to the police as owner then said He did not know of any problems after the meeting Zio was open and the front doors were open and curtains and window covers open you can see right inside why is it on Fridays Evenings till Sundays door closed windows Shuttered so you cant see in when they are open ?
Pictures and Video were shown to police and to Sunnyside Post

No one at the meeting said it was a strip joint they complained about the loud music The patrons doing drugs and using the street as a bathroom or cars alleys for sex or drug use during the late night and that they stay open Friday night till Sunday Night and being open early morning on Saturdays and Sunday

No one said to ..Shut Zio down just to do something with the hours open and the patrons that get out of hand


Anamaire and Michael d , the people are complaining about the new daytime hours , music is pumping and the characters outside are tough looking and intimidating , there is 100% drug activity going on as anyone can see smell a daytime rave is what this is and these people are on something. . Anybody who wants to see this only needs to walk by or into this place around11.00 am to see what’s going on


1. Go to the spot and check it out first-hand…seems like Mike D. and AnaMaria are the ones among you who have been there.

2. Get proof…none of this “I heard,” “I saw” crap…post a picture or ask Christian Murray to post up your pics of these “50 people” gathering…PROOF!

3. I see a few posters making references to race or naming certain ethnic groups…blame the person you “saw” not an entire community of people!

4. Know the difference btwn a strip joint, which cannot be a certain amount of feet of a residential community and a bar.

5. Sunnyside isn’t all roses and peppermints…it’s a neighborhood in New York w/ its own problems as residents can attest…the residents are making it the best place to live, but come on…SHIT HAPPENS even in the nicest of places…deal w/ the bullshit unless you have enough money and power to build a wall around the hood!

Mr. Murphy

The picture above that goes with the article advertising for Xio Lounge with the half naked woman with her boob hanging half way out speaks for itself. This place needs to be shut down. Please lodge your complaints to Jimmy Van Bramer’s office, the 108 Precinct and please attend the community board meetings. This place is not truly representative of Sunnyside.

Michael D.

Firstly, as an attendee to the meeting I will say the kinship within the community is visible. Its nice to see others caring for each other in a community setting. I have been to Xio Lounge many times and actually became somewhat of a frequent customer. The staff is friendly and I enjoy to smoke hookah. Everyone is entitled to speak their mind especially if they feel “threatened”. I placed that in quotes because honestly many statements here are dramatized. I have seen and been to the events taken place during Saturday and Sunday during the day. I can DISAGREE with many comments.

Reading the article alone I felt a sense of smirk.
“One man whose apartment overlooks the back courtyard said that he counted 50 people from the club congregating in that space smoking pot one Saturday.”
50 people congregated outside smoking? I will admit I have seen people smoking outside but 50 people?! That seems to be an exaggeration all in itself. With Bloomberg banning smoking inside bars I am happy to see an establishment actually enforce such a law. I have been to other bars like gaslight and Maggie Maes and they let patrons smoke inside after a certain time. I have even been to Greenpoint Lounge where I saw a group of people smoking Marijuana inside! This shouldn’t be tolerated.

Other comments protest there has been such things as it being a strip Joint and having an “elite” groups of street thugs and “women” being associated with the lounge. As any member of the hospitality industry will know it consists of late nights and long hours. There has been many times I find myself walking home passed Arriba Arriba and have been a witness to their customers physically fighting and causing a scene outside of the bar itself! I have even went inside for a drink once and have been approached in a confrontational way and even heard two gentlemen scream in each others face in an alcohol fueled rage. As I have previously stated I have been a customer for a long time and have seen nothing of that sort. For the most part, I can count the Patrons of the bar on my own two hands. As for it being a “strip Joint” I can very much say IT’S NOT! I actually don’t feel the need to justify such an allegation, because quite frankly it’s ignorant.

Lastly, for any establishment it is virtually impossible to control what happens on the outside in the streets. This is New York, it is up to Law enforcement to take action IN the streets. Many comments state that people have entered buildings and are taking place in illegal activity. The building should be better equipped with security and local small businesses should not be held accountable. I myself live in a building. I had seen a gentleman passed out, clearly inebriated, I didn’t complain to the bar across the street about it but rather called my precinct to handle the situation.

Personally, I have had not once had an incident hanging out at Xio Lounge and will continue to visit.


Wow you really think a place that’s been there for 2 yearsyears, with out any problems now have them?
I go there frequently 90% of the time there’s only a few people there. As a female I will tell you, I enjoy going there.
Other options some Irish disgusting bar, where are all the customers smoke right after closing No thank you


i think that is is disgusting that you have to be afraid of a bunch of losers that surely don;t live in our neighbor hood. if you say something they look at you like they will hurt you, the 08th. Precinct has to shut that place down PERIOD. We pay high rents to live in good neighborhoods, that said


Mr. Murphy

Oppressed Masses is King of the Trolls. He likes antagonizing and baiting people…


People smoking pot leads to rape and death? A sure sign of the apocalypse. Give me a break.

King Of Queens

Oppressed Masses your diatribes about dogs and hipsters is getting tiresome! time to get out of Mommy’s basement and enjoy life. as for XIO It will close very soon the weather is getting warmer and you know what happens when the weather gets warmer.


This really makes me angry.

First, how about a little truth in naming. It is not a “Cafe and Lounge.” It’s not a “Gentleman’s Club.” It’s a strip joint. Call it what it is.

Hey 108th, post a patrolman outside the door. And another one down the block where people live. Don’t say you are doing something. Do it. Arrest the bunch of them. Raid the place. Look for sex going on in the basement. Look for the sex trafficked women.

This isn’t rocket science. Hit them so hard they go somewhere else. This is not a new problem, police know how to close these places down. Make them set up in an industrial section by Newtown Creek.

It is much better to shut the place down and let it rot. Then build a little park. People deserve protection from vice and the morally corrupting influence of degraded people.


I do not think the 311 system is set up for this type of problem. Call the precinct.


My god! Can’t we have a simple dialogue on this site without someone blathering on about “hipsters?!!” It’s sooooo tired. We can’t blame all our problems on “hispsters,” whoever they are.

Been there seen it reported it Nothing

Just one thing Remember Aug 2010
Casa Romana people reporting the same type of problems protests and Sunnyside groups asking for help to close that bar Van Bramer, Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and Community Board 2 chairman Joseph Conley all involved ……..then the last weekend of August 30 The bar, located at 39-20 Queens Blvd, was the site of a bloody brawl and stabbings of two minors and 14 arrests THEN THE BAR WAS SHUT DOWN History will repeat it self


Here’s what you do, set traps in the courtyards. You hipsters have surely seen Home ALone right? Soon as a ghetto ruffian goes to smoke some weed have him set off a trip wire that drops a bucket of urine. I promise you that word will spread and NOBODY will go into the courtyard to smoke again!


We’ve all seen this movie and we know how it ends. Someone will get shot/stabbed/killed and the place will close. Remember the Mad Ass pub from about 10 or 15 years ago? This was the site of Bar 43. A waiter/bus boy got murdered. Crazy place!

I go to Deals on Sunday morning or afternoon and I see the riff raff coming and going on 39th Place. If HALF this stuff is true, it sickens me! Damn, even Gallaghers 2000 on 37th St. is more discreet!!!


trust me – this crap is NOT going to go much longer – pictures of mutts being taken, drug use pictures being taken – license plates with mutts doing their drugs being taken- went thru this crap 3 years ago until someone was murdered across the street in the UNDERAGE dominican bar – guess what history will NOT repeat itself!!!!!!!!!!!

and if you see something and do NOT say something – SHUT THE F UP!!!!
tired of all the whining complaining residents who want everyone to do everything for them – you deserve what’s going on because if you found your voice this crap would have ended months ago!!!


OM, so desperate for attention! Isn’t that what your birds are for?

We actually have had our past Holiday Parties @ Juan Arache’s Sugarroom.


Our children cannot play on our street because we are afraid of the drug infested people that frequent this club on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It is unbelievable that the police are letting them get away with this, we didn’t move to this neighborhood to experience fear for ourselves and our children. Please let’s not wait until someone gets hurt to put a stop to this, we have had enough!!!


I hope this place gets shut down and that a community-friendly business or venue is established. I heard children who go to tutoring on the weekends are very frightened and they have to go the other way around so that they won’t have an issue with the club-goers. Imagine if a child got beaten up or maybe had gotten under the influence of drugs or alcohol because of the representation of being a business to the neighborhood this venue is giving away. This place is a bad influence to children and teens of this neighborhood and clubs of any kind should never make a step on Sunnyside grounds ever!

Concerned Neighbor

Im sure when one of Xio’s “Patrons” kills a passerby (which seems inevitable considering the conversations I have overheard them having, and the caliper of animals ahem people, who frequent this establishment), the police will do something…Maybe…One would hope…

Oppressed Masses

Isn’t this the place where SUDS holds its annual holiday party, or whatever they call it?


We went through the same thing on our block and it lasted for 8 years. Two clubs came and went and finally after the second one the landlord said no more. Everyone went nuts with the noise, drugs, fights etc.

The police will not respond to this kind of complaint unless there is a fight with some sort of weapon. Do keep making complaints to the police nevertheless as well as the commmunity board and you can try the state liquor control board as well. If there are problems with loud music contact the DEP and someone can come with a meter to your home and if it records a high reading the club can be fined.

Just keep fighting them and don’t give up. Eventually you will win.


I just started going to the NYSC on the next corner, and on a Saturday morning two weeks ago saw a man and woman leave the club, go to their car parked under the 7 train, sniff something for a little while, then head back to the club. I ended up moving my car because I was watching them and thought they saw me.

Anyone who walks by and sees all of those dilated pupils before 10am knows these kids aren’t just drinking water and dancing – not even trying to be discreet. Unbelievable that this is tolerated.


The local precint does not respond the calls like these. I have had problems with drug dealing and drug use near my home and have never gotten a response from the NYPD. That’s not true… they once called me 2 hours and fifteen minutes after I made the complaint and asked me if the perpetrators were still there.


Some residents are scared to take pictures, assuming they can be identified by where the pictures are taken from, etc.. Police does not need to see pictures to act on this.

I can’t really complain about the precinct, however they do seem to act fast there is a potential violent crime, rather than just trespassing.
These residents need to take this up with their landlords, and honestly if there is any access to backyards through basement hallways (like most buildings in sunnyside do) the doors must be locked, and there needs to be cameras.

Aside all above, this club needs to go. Isn’t it obvious, the junky crap of LIC is moving to Sunnyside after they close all the “clubs” in the area and build high rise.. Additionally, this place was occupied by numerous establishments during last few years, non of them could survive, and finally the landlord let it go to a cheap “lounge” which is apparent from its patrons.


It’s the XIO lounge is anybody suprised ? Do you ever see the ghetto crap that go in there. Then again, hold on………..Anybody up for Matinee Saturday at 10am this weekend? Roll on the weekend I say : )

Camera Man

If you have a camera or a cell phone that takes pics, photograph whats happening and send them to the newspaper and the 108th.


you should have included photos taken on Saturday and Sunday mornings showing the “elite” groups of street thugs and “women???” hanging out early @ 8am – o right lol the clubs is closed then – NOT!


I didn’t even know there was a “backyard” nor that Xio had any patrons at all. I went once last year. It was kinda quiet.


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